City of Knob Noster, MO
Johnson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Dog Regulations

Section 205.005 Definitions.

Section 205.010 License.

Section 205.020 Rabies Vaccination, Certificate of Same and Enforcement.

Section 205.030 Fees On Dogs.

Section 205.040 Penalty For Late Purchase of License.

Section 205.050 Removal of License or Tag.

Section 205.060 Restraint and Control of Dogs.

Section 205.070 Impounding of Dogs.

Section 205.080 Charge For Impounding and Boarding Animals.

Section 205.090 Damage and Nuisance.

Section 205.100 Transient or Temporary Dog.

Section 205.110 Summary Killing.

Section 205.115 Penalty for Violation.

Article II General Animal Regulations

Section 205.120 Animal Neglect and Animal Abuse — Offenses.

Section 205.130 Impoundment of Animal Found Off Property of Owner or Custodian, Disposition, Procedure — Liability of Owner or Custodian For Costs — Lien — Rights of Owner or Custodian.

Section 205.140 Warrant For Entry On Private Property To Inspect — Impoundment of Animals, Disposition.

Section 205.145 Charge For Impounding and Boarding Animals.

Article III Non-Domesticated Animals in Non-Agricultural Areas

Section 205.150 General Prohibition Against Keeping of Non-Domesticated Animals.

Section 205.160 Permits.

Section 205.170 Permit Issuance.

Section 205.180 Inspection of Hen/Pullet Habitat.

Section 205.190 Owner of Hens/Pullets Shall Not Permit Them To Run At Large.

Section 205.200 Number and Gender of Chickens Permitted.

Section 205.210 Non-Commercial Use.

Section 205.220 Chicken Enclosures.

Section 205.230 Odor and Noise.

Section 205.240 Predators, Rodents, Insects and Parasites.

Section 205.250 Feed and Water.

Section 205.260 Waste Storage and Removal.

Section 205.270 Unlawful Acts.

Section 205.280 Nuisances.

Section 205.290 Continuing Violations.

Section 205.300 Right of Inspection of Property.

Section 205.310 Suspension and/or Revocation of Permit.