City of Knob Noster, MO
Johnson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Building Code

Section 500.010 International Building Code.

Section 500.020 Permit Fees.

Section 500.030 Building Permits.

Section 500.040 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.050 through Section 500.060. (Reserved)

Article II Design Criteria

Section 500.070 American Public Works Association (APWA) Standard Specifications For Design Criteria — Adoption.

Section 500.080 Inspection Fees.

Section 500.090 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.100 through Section 500.140. (Reserved)

Article III Residential Code

Section 500.150 International Residential Code.

Section 500.160 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.170 through Section 500.200. (Reserved)

Article IV Existing Building Code

Section 500.210 International Existing Building Code.

Section 500.220 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.230 through Section 500.260. (Reserved)

Article V Fire Code

Section 500.270 International Fire Code.

Section 500.280 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.290 through Section 500.320. (Reserved)

Article VI Mechanical Code

Section 500.330 International Mechanical Code.

Section 500.340 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.350 through Section 500.380. (Reserved)

Article VII Plumbing Code

Section 500.390 International Plumbing Code.

Section 500.400 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.410 through Section 500.440. (Reserved)

Article VIII Fuel Gas Code

Section 500.450 International Fuel Gas Code.

Section 500.460 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.470 through Section 500.500. (Reserved)

Article IX Energy Conservation Code

Section 500.510 International Energy Conservation Code.

Section 500.520 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.530 through Section 500.560. (Reserved)

Article X Private Sewage Disposal Code

Section 500.570 International Private Sewage Disposal Code.

Section 500.580 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.590 through Section 500.620. (Reserved)

Article XI Urban-Wildland Interface Code

Section 500.630 International Urban-Wildland Interface Code.

Section 500.640 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.650 through Section 500.680. (Reserved)

Article XII Electrical Code

Section 500.690 ICC Electrical Code.

Section 500.700 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.710 through Section 500.740. (Reserved)

Article XIII Property Maintenance Code

Section 500.750 International Property Maintenance Code.

Section 500.760 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.770 through Section 500.800. (Reserved)

Article XIV Zoning Code

Section 500.810 International Zoning Code.

Section 500.820 Violation and Penalty.

Section 500.830 through Section 500.860. (Reserved)

Article XV Miscellaneous Building Regulations

Section 500.870 Minimum Standards For The Installation and Pavement of New Culverts, Replacement Culverts or Drainage Structures On The City Right-Of-Way.

Section 500.880 Prohibiting The Erection of Stationary Awnings — Where.