St. Charles County, MO
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 93-1 §§1—7, 1-4-1993]
All employees of the County on January 1, 1993, except for those exempted by Sections 7.300 of the Charter shall be deemed to have been hired under the Merit System and hereinafter all employees shall be subject to the provisions of the Merit System pursuant to the terms of the Charter or Ordinance.
All ordinances, resolutions, orders and regulations in force at the time the Charter takes effect and not inconsistent with the provisions of this Charter shall remain and be in force until altered, modified, or repealed.
All judicial proceedings of any kind or character and all condemnation proceedings for the taking or damaging of private property for public use, and all proceedings to incur debt and issue bonds, begun or pending at the time the Charter takes effect, and all contracts for the doing of any kind of public works, not completed and performed at the time the Charter takes effect, shall in no wise be affected; but the same may be completed in every respect as nearly as may be in accordance with the provisions of the Charter.
All rights of action, contracts, titles, fines, penalties, and forfeitures accrued to and in favor of the County or against the County before the Charter goes into effect shall remain in existence in full force and effect as fully in every respect as if the Charter had not taken effect. All recognizances and contracts lawfully entered into or executed by or to the County and the lien thereof, and all writs, prosecutions, actions and causes of action shall continue and remain unaffected.
All departments, boards, commissions, and agencies currently in existence shall continue in existence until such time as their existence is terminated by action of the County Council. The departments, officers, boards, commissions, and other agencies provided for in the Charter shall be entitled to the possession of all papers, books, documents, maps, plats, records and archives now in the possession or under the control of those, respectively, who are superseded under the Charter by such departments, officers, boards or other agencies.
If any doubt shall exist as to what department, office, officer or agency of the County shall exercise or perform power or duty conferred or imposed by the Constitution, or by applicable law or by the Charter, the Council by ordinance shall specify by whom such power or duty shall be exercised or performed.
All matters pending before or under consideration by the County Commission at the time the Charter takes effect, to the extent they are not inconsistent with the provisions of the Charter may be acted upon and disposed of as if they had originated and had been introduced under the Charter.