St. Charles County, MO
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 98-141 §§1—2, 7-30-1998]
The County Council of St. Charles County, Missouri, hereby recognizes the positive attributes of the Amelanchier tree and hereby designates it as the official County tree for St. Charles County, Missouri.
Residents of St. Charles County are hereby encouraged to plant the Amelanchier tree and encourage its municipalities to plant this splendid native tree in their parks and public areas.
[Ord. No. 99-52 §§1—3, 5-3-1999]
Description Of The Seal. The County Seal is hereby established as described:
On the right half of the circle are two men in silhouette, the outermost figure to the foreground and the inner figure to the rear left of him. The two men face toward the left. The figure in the foreground, wearing a cap in the manner of a raccoon-skin, has his right leg slightly ahead of his left and both hands grip a musket. The figure in the rear, wearing a tricorner hat, stands with right hand and index finger outstretched pointing toward the western lands of the United States. The figures are shaded from dark to medium, the darkest shading being to the right of the figure. In the background, stretching from side to side is a river and a river bank lush with trees and foliage. On the left of the bank, the sun with soft halo illuminates the scene. Beneath the figures, a horizontal bar with a solid block of color contains three stars, the whole surrounded by a scroll inscribed with the words "THE SEAL OF" at the top and "ST. CHARLES COUNTY" at the bottom, all in roman capitals, which seal shall be in a circular form and not more than two and a half inches in diameter. The seal may be in monotone or in multicolor.
All directions in this description are from the point of view of a person facing the observer of the seal.
Symbolism Of The Seal. On May 17, 1804 William Clark arrived at the town of St. Charles to await the arrival of Meriwether Lewis from St. Louis. Five days later, on May 21, 1804, Lewis and Clark led the Corps of Discovery out into the Missouri River to begin the exploration of the Missouri River and the western regions of the Northern continent ordered by President Thomas Jefferson. Lewis and Clark stand as the principle figures in the County seal symbolizing the May 1804 voyage of discovery which began in St. Charles County. The historic Missouri River is seen behind them. The sun is seen in the east behind the river, denoting the northern flow of the Missouri River at the St. Charles docking site, as Meriwether Lewis points up the river which will carry them west. A solid banner across the bottom of the circle contains three stars to symbolize three nations under which flags St. Charles County has existed: Spain, France and the United States.
County Seal shall be as follows:
100 Seal.tif
[Ord. No. 07-037 §1, 2-27-2007]
Any St. Charles County officer required by applicable law to affix his or her seal to any instrument shall use for that purpose the County Seal authorized by Section 100.160, Ordinances of St. Charles County, Missouri, with a similar scroll inscribed, however, with the title of the County officer in Roman capitals at the top and with the words "ST. CHARLES COUNTY, MO" at the bottom.
[Ord. No. 04-029 §1, 2-24-2004]
County buildings, parks and lots, except for the Family Arena, shall be named or renamed by ordinance.