City of Hazelwood, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1997 §1.9; Ord. No. 878, 11-17-1971]
The City Manager is hereby authorized to sell or dispose of any unclaimed property in the possession of the City. Prior to disposition of such property, the City Manager shall advertise at least fifteen (15) days prior to the sale, the items to be sold or otherwise disposed of. Such advertisement shall be placed in the newspaper used by the City for its legal advertisements and such advertisement shall also be inserted in a newspaper generally available to the citizens of Hazelwood. All such unclaimed property shall be held by the City for at least six (6) months prior to any sale. Such sales shall be public and on such terms and conditions as set forth by the City Manager. Such sales shall be for cash and all funds received therefrom shall be deposited in the general funds of the City of Hazelwood.
[CC 1997 §1.10; Ord. No. 1162-76, 2-18-1976]
The Council may, at its discretion, waive the payment of any and all license and permit fees required to be made herein by non-profit and charitable organizations under such regulations and requirements as the Council deems reasonable and necessary.
[CC 1997 §1.11; Ord. No. 1359-79, 9-5-1979]
The City Manager is hereby authorized to execute and record a deed of release, or such other document as is deemed necessary, to release temporary construction easements granted to the City in connection with the construction of any streets, highways, sewers, or other public improvements with the City, at the termination of the construction and acceptance by the City.
[CC 1997 §1.12; Ord. No. 1465-81, 3-18-1981]
The City shall offer legal assistance to its present and past officers and employees who are defendants in any cause of action resulting from or alleged to have resulted from an error or omission while in the performance of their official duties.
The City may provide by insurance, protection to such officers or employees for legal costs and recovery as the City Council shall determine.
Any such officer or employee may request independent legal advice or representation. Any cost to the City shall be subject to the approval of the City Council.
[Ord. No. 4630-18, 8-1-2018]
Definitions. For purposes of this Section the following terms shall have the meanings given in the following definitions.
Any person or entity who: (a) applies for any license, permit, regulatory approval or other authorization required by the ordinances of the City of Hazelwood; or (b) applies for, seeks or proposes any economic development or redevelopment incentive, public-private partnership, or other grant or benefit of any sort related to a proposed development within the City, or (c) applies for or proposes adoption of any new ordinance or amendment to any existing ordinance for the purpose of enabling a course of conduct desired by the applicant.
All charges incurred or likely to be incurred by the City for services rendered by any person or organization other than a City employee in order to assist the City in acting upon any request of an Applicant. Such services may, include, but are not limited to, accounting, architectural, communications services, design, engineering, environmental, financial, landscaping, land use, legal, parking, planning, public engagement, public finance, technical code assessment, inspection or enforcement, traffic, zoning and any other field of expertise, professional judgment or specialized knowledge which the City, in its sole judgment, seeks in order to assist in considering the request of an Applicant.
Employee time, resources and expenses for things such as (but not limited to) facilities and/or equipment rental, stenography, mailing, security, publication, etc., expended or incurred by the City in the course of acting on the request of an Applicant.
It is the policy of the City of Hazelwood that an Applicant should bear and reimburse to the City in a timely manner any and all Costs and Overhead incurred by the City to assess, process, evaluate, act upon, effectuate and, if necessary, litigate issues associated with the request of an Applicant.
If the City Manager determines that any fee, charge or payment previously established by law for submitting or processing an application is insufficient to adequately reimburse the City for Overhead and Costs associated with the request of an Applicant, or if there is no pre-established fee applicable to the request, the City Manager may determine, and from time to time increase or decrease as circumstances may warrant, the amount and terms of an escrow fund to be deposited with the City by the Applicant to fully reimburse the City for Costs and Overhead incurred or likely to be incurred in considering the request of an Applicant.
The City Manager shall notify the Applicant, in writing, of the amount and terms of the required escrow fund or of any change in the required amount of a previously established fund. The Applicant shall have ten (10) days to make the required deposit and fund the escrow as directed by the City Manager.
The escrow arrangements shall include a process for periodic reimbursement to the City for Costs and Overhead, notice of proposed reimbursement and opportunity for the Applicant to dispute the amount of reimbursement, and closure of the fund and return of unused funds to the Applicant.
If an Applicant is aggrieved by a determination of the City Manager as to initial establishment or terms of an escrow fund or one (1) or more proposed expenditures from an established fund the Applicant may appeal to the City Council to review the City Manager's decision. Any such appeal must be filed with the City Clerk, in writing, within ten (10) days of the City Manager's decision and shall set forth all reasons known to the Applicant as to wherein and why the decision of the City Manager is in error. The City Council may consider the appeal in such manner as it deems appropriate and may affirm, modify or reverse the decision appealed from. If an Applicant is aggrieved by a decision of the City Council the Applicant must submit a written request for reconsideration to the City Clerk within five (5) days of the date of the Council's decision. An Applicant aggrieved by a decision of the City Council on reconsideration may seek review of that decision in the Circuit Court of St. Louis County within fifteen (15) days of the Council's decision pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 536, RSMo.
If an Applicant fails to comply with the determination of the City Manager as to the establishment of an escrow fund or subsequent additions thereto in a timely manner, or if an Applicant appeals the City Manager's decision as to establishment or additional deposits to the City Council, the City may suspend processing and consideration of the Applicant's request until the Applicant complies and/or the appeal is resolved. If there is a deadline for processing Applicant's request or application pursuant to the City's ordinances (such as, for instance, the time limit for Plan Commission action on applications, etc.) any such the time limit or deadline shall automatically be extended for so long as the Applicant is not in compliance or an appeal is pending.