City of Republic, MO
Greene County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1999 §19-4]
No person shall encumber any street, alley or sidewalk within this City by placing or causing to be placed thereon wood, barrels, boxes, crates, lumber, brick, stone or any other articles and they shall at all times leave a clear and safe passageway for pedestrians and the handicapped individuals. But this Section shall not apply to merchants occupying and using three (3) feet of sidewalk next to and in front of their buildings for the purpose of displaying their wares and merchandise, nor to persons receiving or discharging any articles in the way of regular business unless such articles are permitted to remain more than two (2) hours upon any street, alley or sidewalk. Any person may use the streets, alleys or sidewalks in the construction of any new building or in the removal, repair or alteration or any building, or for the purpose of piling thereon of building materials and tools for reasonable periods of time. Nor shall any such merchandise so placed upon a sidewalk be left on such sidewalk after close of business each day.
[CC 1999 §19-5; R.O. 1916 §440]
Whoever shall use any portion of any street, avenue, alley or square for the piling or storage of building tools or materials, to be used in the construction, removal or repair of any building, and shall neglect, refuse or fail within three (3) days after the completion or removal thereof to remove the same together with all remnants thereof, so as to leave such street, avenue, alley or square clean as found, and whoever shall during the progress of such work place any of such building material or the refuse thereof in any gutter so as to obstruct or tend to obstruct the flow of water therein shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.
[CC 1999 §19-6; R.O. 1916 §509]
Whoever shall encumber any street, alley or sidewalk with any building material shall construct a temporary sidewalk of good sound plank at least twenty-four (24) inches wide around such obstruction to connect with the regular sidewalk on each end or side of such obstruction and shall maintain the same in good condition for travel so long as such obstruction remains, and such obstruction shall not remain on such street, alley or sidewalk for a longer period than the time granted by the Public Works Director.
[CC 1999 §19-18; R.O. 1916 §436]
No person shall construct or hang any gate in such a way or manner that such gate when opened shall project over, into or upon any sidewalk, street, avenue or alley in the City.
[Ord. No. 11-06 §2, 4-11-2011]
Public street lights on residential streets shall be spaced between two hundred fifty (250) and three hundred fifty (350) feet apart, at street intersections and cul-de-sacs. Street light spacing on all roads with a classification of collector or above shall be determined on a case-by-case basis.
Wires and poles on in-fill street lights should match the type of installation in the neighborhood in which the light is to be located (underground or overhead).
Prior to maintenance being performed on existing street lights, the Public Works Director shall review the density and placement requirements for street lights in the vicinity and should the spacing and location requirements contained herein still be maintained if the defective street light were removed, the street light shall be removed from the City inventory.