City of Republic, MO
Greene County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1999 §§18-15, 19-24; Ord. No. 99-43 §2(18-15, 19-24), 9-27-1999]
No person shall dig or excavate on or under any public right-of-way or easement, for any purpose whatsoever without having first obtained a permit from the Public Works Director. The cost of said permit shall be set out in Appendix V-A at the end of this Title.
A developer, subdivider or any person or corporation who desires to cut a street, avenue, alley, sidewalk, easement, or right-of-way in the City of Republic shall post a bond in an amount as determined by the Public Works Director from time to time.
All repairs shall be completed in accordance with the "Construction Specifications for Public Improvements, City of Republic" on file at the offices of the City of Republic Public Works Department and incorporated herein by reference.
All repairs shall be completed within two (2) weeks after the street is cut unless a two (2) week time extension is authorized by the City of Republic Public Works Department.
The cash bond shall be returned once the repair has been approved by the City of Republic Public Works Department.
[CC 1999 §§19-25 — 19-26; R.O. 1916 §§427 — 428]
Generally. No person shall make any excavation in, on, under, across or adjoining any square, street, avenue, alley or sidewalk and shall leave such excavation open and unguarded. Warning devices shall be placed in accordance with the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
Removal, Etc. No unauthorized person shall remove, break or extinguish any lantern or danger signal which has been placed on any street or alley to protect persons against accidents.