City of Republic, MO
Greene County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1999 §27-1; Ord. No. 13-10 §1, 2-25-2013]
For the purposes of this Chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them by this Section:
A person who receives compensation in any form whatsoever for solicitation, sales or offers as described in this Section.
The act of soliciting from the public through professional solicitors money, donations, property or financial assistance of any kind, selling or offering to sell any article, service, publication, advertisement, ticket or subscription of any type, including the selling of any publication or advertisement for the same when such publication is printed less frequently than quarterly on the direct or implied plea that such solicitation or sale is for charitable, educational, fraternal, civic, patriotic, religious or philanthropic purposes on the streets, in office or school buildings, by house to house canvass, in any public place, by telephone, by mail or in any other way; provided that the term "public solicitation" shall not include a solicitation by any established religious body which secures substantially all of its funds from its own members and constituents, and neither from the public nor through professional solicitors.
[CC 1999 §27-2]
No person shall conduct a public solicitation unless the person for whose benefit the public solicitation is conducted is registered with the City and has received a solicitor's identification card.
[CC 1999 §27-3]
The following persons shall be exempt from registration in connection with solicitation for the regular purposes for which they are organized: political, fraternal, civic and labor organizations which secure all or substantially all of their funds from their own members and constituency and not from the public, and through volunteers or persons regularly employed by them on an annual basis for a fixed wage or salary and for purposes other than solicitation.
[CC 1999 §27-4; Ord. No. 13-10 §2, 2-25-2013]
Any person required to register under Section 610.020 shall make application to the City Clerk upon an approved form for registration. No application will be accepted until satisfactory evidence is presented to the City Clerk that:
The applicant is of good moral character;
Shall not have been convicted of a felony in the last five (5) years;
Shall not have had his/her registration revoked within the past three (3) years; and
Shall have paid a non-refundable annual application fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for a calendar year. In addition, a person may obtain a quarterly permit for a ninety (90) day period and the application fee for such permit shall be thirty-five dollars ($35.00).
The applicant shall deliver the application in person to City Hall.
[CC 1999 §27-5]
Registration will be accepted only for the period of time so specified on the application not to exceed twelve (12) months.
Any registration may be revoked or suspended upon a finding by the Hearing Officer that the registrant has failed to maintain compliance with the provisions of this Chapter or the conditions of the City Clerk's acceptance of the application.
The hearing procedures set forth in Code Section 605.070 shall apply to this Chapter.
[CC 1999 §27-7]
No professional solicitor shall participate in public solicitation until he/she has obtained the proper licensing from the City Clerk and has paid the applicable merchant license fee.
[Ord. No. 13-10 §3, 2-25-2013]
For purposes of ascertaining if criminal convictions have occurred, fingerprinting of applicants or licensees for the purpose of receiving criminal history record information shall be required with the applicants or licensees bearing the cost of obtaining the criminal record history per the fees established by the State of Missouri. A criminal history shall be good for a period of January first (1st) through December thirty-first (31st) of the year of the application.
[CC 1999 §27-9]
All persons registered with the City Clerk must maintain, for his/her inspection or that of his/her duly authorized agent, complete records of all transactions in which the registrant engages and for which the public solicitation was made.
[CC 1999 §27-10]
Without prior approval from the City Clerk, it shall be unlawful for any person to engage in any public solicitation from the occupants of any motor vehicle while said motor vehicle shall be upon the public streets or ways of the City unless the vehicle shall be lawfully parked at the time of said solicitation.
[CC 1999 §27-11]
No person shall offer for sale, solicit sales, or sell any item, including personal services, to employees of the City in City-owned buildings except offers or sales made to the City.
[CC 1999 §27-12]
An identification card shall be (when the individual for whom it was issued is acting as a solicitor) worn on the outer clothing of the solicitor so as to be reasonably visible to any person who might be approached by said solicitor.
[CC 1999 §27-13; Ord. No. 13-10 §4, 2-25-2013]
No solicitor shall enter upon any private property for the purpose of soliciting funds or other solicitations where the property is clearly posted in the front yard of said property by a sign visible from the right-of-way, public or private, indicating a prohibition against soliciting at said property. Such sign need not exceed one (1) square foot in size and contain words "No Soliciting" or "No Solicitors" in letters of at least two (2) inches in height.
Any solicitor who shall enter upon any private property for the purpose of soliciting funds or other solicitations which property is not posted by a yard sign, as provided in Subsection (A) above, but where a notice in the form of a sign or sticker is placed upon any door or entrance way leading into the residence or dwelling at which guests would normally enter the residence or dwelling, said sign to contain letters not less than one (1) inch in height and containing words "No Soliciting" or "No Solicitors", and which are visible to any solicitor or companion, the solicitor shall forthwith remove himself/herself from the property without disturbing the persons living therein.
Even though a solicitor obtains the consent of the manager or owner to solicit in the multi-family dwellings or development, the solicitor shall not solicit from any tenant therein whose property is posted in the manner provided in Subsection (B) above. For purpose of this paragraph, a multi-family dwelling unit shall be any building containing two (2) or more dwelling units within said building, a multi-family development shall be construed as two (2) or more multi-family dwelling buildings owned or managed by the same person(s), firm or corporation.
Any solicitor soliciting funds or other solicitations shall make said solicitations at the front entrance of the residence or dwelling unit, unless the residence or dwelling does not have a front entrance or it is obvious that the front entrance is not used, in which case the solicitor shall use such entrance as is most obviously used as a guest entrance to the residence, but no solicitor shall go from door to door in the residence in an attempt to avoid a "No Solicitation" notice.
Public solicitation as defined in Section 610.010, Definitions, shall only be allowed between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 9:00 P.M. All other requirements as set out in Chapter 610, Solicitors and Canvassers, shall apply.
[Ord. No. 14-14 §1, 6-23-2014]