City of Ste. Genevieve, MO
Ste. Genevieve County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Livestock running at large declared a nuisance, §205.150; prostitution establishments declared public nuisances, §210.470; weeds declared a nuisance, §215.325 et seq.
Article I In General

Section 215.010 Definition.

Section 215.020 Maintenance of Nuisances Prohibited.

Section 215.030 Joint Liability For Maintenance of Nuisances.

Section 215.040 Abatement Procedure.

Section 215.045 Right of Lawful Entry.

Section 215.050 Abatement of Emergency Cases.

Section 215.060 Additional Remedies For Nuisance Abatement.

Section 215.070 Penalties.

Article II Abandoned Vehicle or Junk

Section 215.080 Definitions.

Section 215.085 Certain Damaged or Disabled or Inoperable Vehicles — Nuisance Declared.

Section 215.090 Notice.

Section 215.095 Proceedings When Owner or Custodian Cannot Be Located.

Section 215.100 Duty of Owner or Custodian.

Section 215.105 Disposition.

Section 215.110 Notice of Sale.

Section 215.115 Entry Onto Private Property.

Section 215.120 Liability of Owner or Occupant.

Article III Maintaining Inoperable, Wrecked, Damaged or Demolished or Unlicensed Motor Vehicles

Section 215.130 Definitions.

Section 215.135 Maintaining Inoperable, Wrecked, Damaged or Demolished or Unlicensed Motor Vehicles or Junk For More Than 14 Days.

Section 215.140 Working On Vehicles Outside of Enclosure.

Section 215.145 Entry Onto Private Property.

Section 215.150 Penalty.

Section 215.160 Additional Proceedings For Violations.

Article IV Noise

Section 215.170 Prohibited Actions.

Section 215.175 Peace Disturbance.

Section 215.180 Definitions.

Section 215.185 Property Construction, Repairs, Maintenance.

Section 215.190 Exceptions.

Section 215.195 Schools, Courts, Churches, Hospitals.

Section 215.200 Penalty.

Article V Dangerous Buildings

Section 215.210 Definitions.

Section 215.215 Nuisance Declared.

Section 215.220 Duties of Building Inspector.

Section 215.225 Duty of The Board of Aldermen.

Section 215.230 Appeals.

Section 215.235 Order — Failure To Comply With Order — Tax Bill or Assessment.

Section 215.240 Emergency Cases.

Section 215.245 Liability of City Employees.

Section 215.250 Entry Onto Private Property.

Section 215.255 Interference With Enforcement.

Section 215.260 Insurance Proceeds.

Section 215.265 Penalties.

Article VI Graffiti

Section 215.275 Findings, Purpose.

Section 215.280 Definitions.

Section 215.285 Nuisance Declared.

Section 215.290 Notice To Remove.

Section 215.295 Failure To Comply.

Section 215.300 Entry Onto Private Property.

Section 215.305 Lien Against The Property.

Article VII Abatement of Nuisance By Civil Action

Section 215.315 Civil Cause of Action For Abatement of Nuisance.

Article VIII Vegetation

Section 215.325 Definitions.

Section 215.330 Nuisance Declared.

Section 215.335 Abatement Procedure.

Section 215.340 Penalties.