City of Ste. Genevieve, MO
Ste. Genevieve County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Possession, sale, etc., of alcoholic beverages in public places restricted, §600.090(G); livestock running at large prohibited, §205.150; dogs and cats running at large prohibited, §205.080; buildings and building regulations, ch. 500; floodplain management, ch. 420; street systems and parking facilities for mobile home and travel trailer parks, §425.200; standards for street construction and design for streets in mobile home and travel trailer parks, §425.210; littering, §210.170; parks and recreation, ch. 235; planning, ch. 400; subdivision regulations, ch. 415; traffic and motor vehicles generally, Title III; placing injurious substances in streets prohibited, §215.010(6); driving vehicles on sidewalks prohibited, §340.060; riding bicycles or motorized bicycles on sidewalks, §340.100; trains not to block streets, §340.140; zoning, ch. 405; ordinances naming, renaming, opening, accepting or vacating streets or alleys in the City saved from repeal.
Article I In General

Section 520.010 Extensions of Streets and Alleys To Be Similarly Named.

Section 520.020 Erection of Lamps By Owners or Occupants of Premises.

Section 520.030 Hoisting Heavy Loads Over Thoroughfares Prohibited.

Section 520.040 Restrictions On Activities On or Over Sidewalks.

Section 520.050 Responsibility of Property Owners To Clean Sidewalks, Gutters.

Section 520.060 Field Operations Supervisor To Inspect Sidewalks and Curbs.

Section 520.070 Street Address Numbers.

Section 520.080 Assessment of Cost of Certain Street Improvements.

Section 520.090 Methods of Assessment.

Section 520.100 Property Owners To Be Required To Keep Sidewalks in Repair.

Article II Excavations in Public Streets

Section 520.105 Agreement or Franchise Requirements — Application.

Section 520.110 Permit Required.

Section 520.120 Application Procedure.

Section 520.130 Excavation Site.

Section 520.140 Work To Comply With Specifications.

Section 520.150 Excavation in Grass Area.

Section 520.160 Restoration.

Section 520.170 One Year Guarantee Period.

Section 520.180 New Construction.

Section 520.190 Non-Obstruction.

Section 520.200 Protection of Excavation.

Section 520.210 Insurance.

Section 520.220 Emergency Excavations.

Section 520.230 Penalty.

Article III Projections

Section 520.240 Limitations On Certain Projections Over Sidewalks.

Section 520.250 Limitations On Awnings.

Section 520.260 Limitations On Display of Merchandise.

Section 520.270 Removal of Obstructing Projections — Complaints.