City of Ste. Genevieve, MO
Ste. Genevieve County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — Individual water connections required for mobile home stands, §425.230.
Article I Generally

Section 705.010 Definitions.

Section 705.020 Scope of Rules and Regulations.

Section 705.030 Separate Premises To Have Separate Service.

Section 705.040 Right of Entry.

Section 705.050 Consumer's Responsibility and City's Responsibility.

Section 705.060 Liability of Consumer To Protect City Water Equipment.

Section 705.070 Continuity of Service.

Section 705.080 Dangerous Use.

Section 705.090 Discontinuance of Service By Customer — Change of Occupancy.

Section 705.100 Abandoned Service Pipes.

Section 705.110 Shortage, Purity of Supply.

Section 705.120 Indemnity To City.

Section 705.130 Non-Compliance With Rules and Regulations.

Section 705.140 Complaints.

Article II Taps and Connections

Section 705.150 Application For Taps and Service Connection To The Waterworks System.

Section 705.160 Cross-Connections.

Section 705.170 Tapping of Mains.

Section 705.180 Use of Service Cocks and Valves.

Article III Water Meters

Section 705.190 Required.

Section 705.200 Size, Type.

Section 705.210 Locations — Meter Boxes — Tile, Etc. — Settings.

Section 705.220 Customer To Protect Meter.

Section 705.230 Metering of Services For Fire Protection.

Section 705.240 Meter Readings Conclusive — Exception.

Section 705.250 Testing.

Section 705.260 Repairs.

Section 705.270 Plumber To Notify City If Necessary To Break Seal.

Section 705.280 Moving Meters.

Article IV Installation and Use

Section 705.290 Leaks in Consumer's Installation.

Section 705.300 Proximity of Water Lines To Sewers.

Section 705.310 Disinfection.

Section 705.320 Check Valves For Two or More Interconnecting Services.

Section 705.330 Corporation Stops, Curb Stops, Valves, Etc..

Section 705.340 Service Pipes.

Section 705.350 Fire Hydrants.

Article V Extension of Water Mains

Section 705.360 Application.

Section 705.370 Construction Specifications.

Section 705.380 Extensions Within City Limits.

Section 705.390 Special Conditions.

Article VI Backflow Regulations

Section 705.400 General Policy.

Section 705.410 Cross-Connections Prohibited.

Section 705.420 Surveys and Investigations.

Section 705.430 Type of Protection Required.

Section 705.440 Where Protection Is Required.

Section 705.450 Backflow Prevention Assemblies.

Section 705.460 Installation.

Section 705.470 Inspection and Maintenance.

Section 705.480 Violations.

Section 705.490 Definitions For This Article (Backflow Regulations).

Article VII Use of Water System — DNR Regulations

Section 705.500 Definitions For This Article (Use of Water System — DNR Regulations).

Section 705.510 Connection To Facilities.

Section 705.520 Permit Required.

Section 705.530 Connection Into Water System.

Section 705.540 Vandalism — Penalty.

Section 705.550 Authorized Personnel.

Section 705.560 Penalty.