City of Ste. Genevieve, MO
Ste. Genevieve County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1985 §22-56; Ord. No. 1660 §1, 2-2-1956]
As used in this Chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings respectively ascribed to them:
The corporation, association or individual being served by or legally using water supplied by the City.
All pipes, valves, stops, plumbing and contrivances of every kind and nature used in connection with, or forming a part of, the consumer's installation for utilizing water for any purpose, connected directly or indirectly with the corporation stop at the main, whether such installation is owned outright or used under lease or otherwise by the consumer.
A valve which is inserted into the main for the connection of the water supply service pipes in sizes up to and including two (2) inches in diameter.
The system of water pipes, valves, fittings and equipment used to distribute water throughout the area served by the municipal water system. Mains are located on public property or on private property over which easements have been provided.
Any system of water pipes, valves, fittings and equipment used to distribute water within the area served by the municipal water system but owned privately by a person.
Any approved box or vault used for housing water meters.
A vitrified tile especially made for the housing of water meters.
A person who is qualified to perform the work required for the installation of the necessary piping and fittings for service connections and who is or will be licensed by the City in accordance with Section 605.030.
A property which cannot be completely divided in its present utilitarian condition through sale, that is:
A building under one (1) roof owned, leased or occupied by one (1) party as one (1) business or residence;
A combination of residential buildings, or of commercial buildings, leased or occupied by one (1) party in one (1) common enclosure;
The one (1) side of a double house having a solid vertical partition wall;
A building owned by one (1) party having more than one (1) internal division, such as apartments, offices, stores, etc., and which may have a common or separate entrance.
A valve for installation in water service pipes located at or near the main.
A box or metal housing which encloses, protects and provides access to the service control valve.
A valve installed at the termination of the water supply service pipe of three-fourths (¾) inch and one (1) inch sizes and at the beginning of the consumer's plumbing system.
The Superintendent of municipal utilities of the City.
The drilling and threading of an opening in the main for insertion of a corporation stop.
Cross Reference — Definitions and rules of construction generally, §100.110.
[CC 1985 §22-57; Ord. No. 1660 §2, 2-2-1956]
The rules and regulations contained in this Chapter will be a part of every application filed with the City to supply water under the provisions of and in accordance with the rules and regulations of the City in force from time to time. All persons using water from the mains shall be deemed to have agreed to be bound by the provisions thereof.
[CC 1985 §22-58; Ord. No. 1660 §15, 2-2-1956]
Separate premises must have separate service pipe installation and shall be separately metered. In no case shall a consumer extend his/her service pipes or plumbing across a street or alley or to an adjacent property in order to furnish service to such adjacent property even though such adjacent property be owned by the same party.
Where water is to be supplied to several parties in apartments, offices or stores all located in a single building and supplied through one (1) service, the City will contract with only one (1) party for the supply and he/she shall be responsible to the City for the payment of the water bills.
[CC 1985 §22-59; Ord. No. 1660 §9, 2-2-1956]
The City's duly authorized officers and employees shall have access to the consumer's premises at all reasonable hours for the purpose of reading meters or inspecting and making repairs or installing or removing any or all of its apparatus used in connection with the rendering of service to the consumer.
[CC 1985 §22-60; Ord. No. 1660 §10, 2-2-1956; Ord. No. 3355 §1, 4-8-2004]
The consumer assumes all responsibility for the water service upon the consumer's real property and for the service pipes apparatus and plumbing used in connection therewith. This responsibility includes the piping on all connections to and from the consumer's meter unless the meter is located in the City street right-of-way.
The City assumes all responsibility for the consumer's water service pipes which are located in the street right-of-way and connect to the consumer's property line. The City is therefore responsible for the water main, the consumer's tap, the consumer's corporation stop and related service pipes in the street.
In the event that a leak occurs within one (1) linear foot of the property boundary between the street right-of-way and the consumer's property as measured by the City Water Department, the City and the consumer shall assume a 50/50 pro rata share responsibility for the cost of repairing the leak.
If the leak in the consumer's piping is on the consumer's property, the consumer shall be responsible to repair the leak.
If the City water main is located out of the street right-of-way, the consumer assumes all responsibility for the water service upon the consumer's premises from the meter and for the service pipes apparatus and plumbing used in connection therewith including connections to the residence and to the main from the meter. The City must approve all excavations in the street prior to beginning the excavation, with an approved street excavation permit.
All right-of-ways and easements will be the responsibility of the person, corporation or company that holds right to that easement and right-of-way.
[CC 1985 §22-61; Ord. No. 1660 §8, 2-2-1956]
All meters and other equipment furnished or installed by the City at its own expense remain the property of the City. Under no condition shall anyone, except City employees, disconnect any meter, connect to a meter or disturb any piping between the meter and the City's distributing system after the meter has been set. The consumer must at all times properly protect the meter from freezing or warping of the disc by hot water or by other unnecessary damage and will be held responsible for repairs made necessary through consumer's negligence.
[CC 1985 §22-62; Ord. No. 1660 §14, 2-2-1956]
The City reserves the right at all times, without notice to customers, to shut off the water in a main for the purpose of making repairs or extensions or for any other necessary purpose. All persons having boilers or tanks within their premises depending on the pressure from the main to keep them filled are hereby cautioned against danger of collapse. It is the intention of the City to notify its patrons of the necessity of shutting off the main supply, but an emergency may at times not permit taking the time to do so.
[CC 1985 §22-63; Ord. No. 1660 §25, 2-2-1956]
The City shall have the right to refuse water service, or to discontinue water service, without notice at any time to any consumer if the City finds any apparatus or appliances that the operation of which will be detrimental to the water system of the City or to any or all of its consumers. Standpipes, hydrants, gate valves and any other apparatus that cause water hammer or any danger to the water system or other customers' plumbing shall be immediately repaired or removed upon notice from the City or at its option that City may immediately discontinue service without notice and without any liability for direct or resulting damages therefrom.
All persons are strictly forbidden to attach any electric ground wire to any plumbing or water piping which is or may be connected to any water service pipe, water meter or water main belonging to the City. The City will hold the owner of the premises responsible and liable for any damage to the property or injury to the employees of the City caused by such ground wire. Any and all owners and consumers shall remove any existing ground wires immediately upon written notice from the City. If not so disconnected after five (5) days' written notice, the City, through its officials, may enter the property and remove such ground wires and the consumer shall pay all costs.
[CC 1985 §22-64; Ord. No. 1660 §6, 2-2-1956; Ord. No. 2628 §3, 11-14-1991]
Whenever a customer shall order his/her services disconnected or shall otherwise cease to be a customer, all amounts owed the City shall immediately become due.
To have services disconnected, the customer shall be required to sign a disconnect order. If such customer is unable to request the disconnection in person, a written notification shall be acceptable.
Upon payment of all amounts owed, the customer's service deposits shall be returned.
If a customer fails to notify the City of his/her intention to terminate services, he/she shall be held legally liable for any services registered on the meter which is located on the premises and recorded in his/her name. The customer's service deposits may be applied to his/her account for amounts owed to the City.
[CC 1985 §22-65; Ord. No. 1660 §17, 2-2-1956]
In case a consumer having a connection with the mains should desire to abandon same, consumer shall uncover and expose the corporation stop so that employees of the City may turn it off and, if deemed advisable, saw off the outlet threads.
[CC 1985 §22-66; Ord. No. 1660 §26, 2-2-1956]
The City shall not be held responsible for or in any manner liable to any person for any claim or damage either direct or resultant because of any shortage of water supply, any shut off of water for any reason, any bursting or leakage of either the consumer's or City's mains, pipes and fixtures, any pollution or impurity in water supply or any fire or water damage.
[CC 1985 §22-67; Ord. No. 1660 §11, 2-2-1956]
The consumer will indemnify, save harmless and defend the City against all claims, demands, cost or expense for loss, damage or injury to persons or property in any manner directly or indirectly growing out of the transmission and use of water by the consumer from consumer's service pipes or installation.
[CC 1985 §22-69; Ord. No. 1660 §27, 2-2-1956]
If any consumer fails to comply with any of the rules and regulations in force, the City shall notify the consumer of such failure. If the consumer does not remedy same as the rules provide and within a reasonable time, the City shall have the right to discontinue service. Except in case of non-payment, emergency, necessity or as otherwise provided, the City will not discontinue service for violation of any rule until five (5) business days after notice has been given and the violation has not been remedied.
[CC 1985 §22-70; Ord. No. 1660 §24, 2-2-1956]
All questions and complaints should be made promptly to the City in order that investigation and information can be properly given. The City will make a full report to the consumer in all such cases. Any disrespect or unwarranted acts of the City employees should be reported immediately. All employees of the City are strictly forbidden to demand or accept any tip, gratuity or other personal compensation.