City of Hazelwood, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1997 § 7.1; Ord. No. 2776-96, 7-17-1996; Ord. No. 4140-11 § 1, 4-6-2011]
As used in this Chapter, the following terms shall have these prescribed meanings:
A subordinate building located on the same premises as a main building. Where a part of the wall of an accessory building is a part of a main building, or where an accessory building is attached to a main building by a roof, such accessory building shall be considered as part of the main building.
A building or portion thereof designed for or occupied by more than two (2) families, which is not a condominium.
"Approved" as applied to a material, device, or method of construction shall mean approved by the Director under the provisions of this Code, or approved by other authority designated by law to give approval in the matter in question.
See "Accessory Building or Structure."
The ICC International Codes and all amendments and ordinances pertaining to buildings, as adopted by the Council.
An accessory building, or an attached structure, constructed as a post and beam supported roof structure, open on at least two (2) sides, to be limited to the storage of motor vehicles, boats and trailers.
An accessory building constructed as a post and beam supported roof structure, open on at least two (2) sides, to be used for storage, including vehicles, equipment and supplies.
The City Manager of the City of Hazelwood or his authorized designee.
Property as described in Chapter 448, RSMo., 1994, and all amendments thereto, including any property not in conformance with Chapter 448, which has one (1) or more legally defined unit(s) sharing a common wall.
Any permanently or semi-permanently fixed items, including but not limited to, cornices, corbels, belt courses, terra cotta trim, wall facings, holiday lights and other decorations.
The condition or appearance of a building or part thereof characterized by evidence of physical decay, neglect, excessive use, or lack of maintenance.
The Hazelwood Director of Public Works or his designee.
Any building, or portion thereof, which is wholly or partly designed or used for human habitation.
Permanently/semi-permanently fixed or adjacent objects including, but not limited to, screens, awnings, canopies, storm windows, storm doors, fences, flagpoles, gutters, downspouts, ventilators, mailboxes, lighting fixtures, barbecue pits, satellite dishes and any antennae.
The animal and vegetable waste resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking and consumption of food.
Pertaining to a facility located on a premise not approved for a dwelling. The regulations in this Chapter pertain to both residential and non-residential properties, except where there is a provision designated (NR), it shall prevail and apply to non-residential property only.
Any person living or sleeping in a building; or having possession of a space within a building.
Any person having possession of a space within a building.
Any person, firm or corporation, who, alone, jointly, or severally with others, shall be in actual possession of, or have charge, care or control of, any building or part of a building within the City. When the owner is represented by an employee, agent, trustee, guardian of the estate or person of the title holder, such person shall be bound to comply with the provisions of this Chapter to the same extent as the owner. In all cases of condominiums and subdivisions having common ground, the board of managers or trustees shall be responsible for complying with all provisions of this Chapter, if within the common elements or common ground, as defined by the specific declaration, indentures, or by-laws.
A corporation, firm, partnership, association, limited liability company, organization or any other group acting as a unit as well as any individual. It shall also include an administrator, personal representative, trustee, receiver, or other representative appointed according to law. Whenever the word "person" is used in any Section of this Chapter, prescribing a penalty or fine, as to partnerships or associations, the word shall include the partners or members thereof, and as to companies or corporations, shall include the officers, agents or members thereof, who are responsible for any violation of such Section.
A lot, plot or parcel of land, or any part thereof, including the buildings or structures thereon.
To restore to an acceptable state of operation, appearance or serviceability, free from defect or decay. Repairs shall be expected to last approximately as long as would the replacement by new items. Materials used in repairs shall be as specified/approved by the Director.
The roof slab, or deck, and its supporting members, not including vertical supports; the covering applied to the roof for weather resistance, fire resistance, or appearance; any enclosed structure on or above the roof, such as mansards, skylights or dormers, and soffits, gables and fascia, on the sides and under portion of the roof.
Combustible and non-combustible waste materials, except garbage; the term shall include the residue from the burning of wood, coal, coke and other combustible materials, paper, rags, cartons, boxes, wood, excelsior, rubber, leather, tree branches, yard trimmings, tin cans, metals, mineral matter, glass, crockery and dust and other similar materials.
Anything constructed or erected, the use of which requires permanent location on the ground or attached to something having a permanent location on the ground, including, but without limiting the generality of the foregoing, swimming pools, basketball poles, backstops for tennis courts, pergolas, towers, satellite dishes, antennae, retaining walls, fences, memorials and ornamental structures. The word "structure" includes the word "building" in addition to the foregoing.
Regularly scheduled visual inspections.
A wall which serves as a support for a wall, pier, column, or other structural part of a building. Said wall may be below the nearest grade or extend partially or wholly above grade.
A wall designed to resist the lateral displacement of soil or other material.
An open space on the same premises with a building, unoccupied and unobstructed by any portion of a structure from the ground upward, except as otherwise provided herein.
[CC 1997 § 7.2; Ord. No. 2776-96, 7-17-1996]
Applicants for building permits shall comply with Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District requirements for storm and sanitary sewers.
[Ord. No. 3263-01 §§ 1-3, 6-20-2001; Ord. No. 3772-06 §§ 1—4, 8-2-2006]
There is hereby levied and imposed on all residential property having six (6) or less dwelling units, an annual fee not to exceed twenty-eight dollars ($28.00) to provide funds to pay the cost of certain repairs of defective sewer lateral service lines of those dwelling units. The amount of the fee to be levied in a given year shall be established by the Council each year in the course of setting the City's annual property tax rate.
The fee imposed pursuant to this Section shall be imposed upon condominiums that have six (6) or less condominium units per building and each condominium unit shall be responsible for its proportionate share of any fee charged pursuant to this Section and, in addition, any condominium unit shall, if determined to be responsible for and served by its own individual sewer lateral line, be treated as an individual residence regardless of the number of units in the development. It shall be the responsibility of the condominium owner or condominium association who are of the opinion that they are not properly classified as provided in this Section to notify the Public Works Department to submit appropriate evidence for a refund. Condominium and apartment units not previously enrolled in the City's sewer lateral repair program may be ineligible for enrollment if it is determined that the sewer lateral serving the unit is defective.
The funds collected pursuant to this Section shall be deposited in a special account to be used solely for the purpose of paying for all or a portion of the costs reasonably associated with and necessary to administer and carry out the defective sewer lateral service line repairs. All interest generated on deposited funds shall be accrued to the special account established for the repair of sewer lateral service lines.
The Collector of Revenue of the City may add such fee to the general tax levy bills of property owners within the City. All revenues received on such combined bill are for the purpose of providing for, ensuring or guaranteeing the repair of sewer lateral lines and shall be separated from all other revenues so collected and credited to the appropriate fund or account of the City as specified above.
[CC 1997 § 7.3; Ord. No. 2776-96, 7-17-1996]
No building permit shall be issued by the Public Works Department for the erection of any structure located within the City unless the applicant presents satisfactory evidence that the fire protection requirements, established by the appropriate fire protection authority for the installation and operation of fire hydrants to service the property, have been met.
[CC 1997 § 7.4; Ord. No. 2776-96, 7-17-1996]
The installation of any and all outside lighting on all non-residential property must be approved by the Public Works Department. Such lights shall be installed, arranged and shaded so as to reflect light away from adjoining property.