City of Fenton, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note — Ordinance no. 3001 §1, adopted December 23, 2008, repealed title IV in its entirety. See editor's note at beginning of title IV.
[Ord. No. 3001 §1, 12-23-2008]
All drive-through facilities shall be governed by the provisions in this Chapter, except where alternative provisions are provided elsewhere in this Title.
Special use permit.
A special use permit shall be required for all drive-through facilities where provided for within each individual zoning district, except when such facility is located in the "C-1" Commercial Zone District, "C-2" Commercial Zone District or affiliated with a business located in the "BP-4" Planned Business Park District.
Special use permit applications for drive-through facilities shall comply with all requirements and procedures set forth in Section 420.020. In addition, the petitioner must submit a traffic report with the special use permit application for any fast-food restaurant, bank or credit union with more than two (2) service windows/teller units. Said traffic report shall include the following:
Time required to serve a typical customer; and
Arrival rate of customers, including peak hours of demand.
When an existing drive-through facility applies for a special use permit for changing the tenant, modification of existing use, site plan review for addition or expansion of the building or for restructuring of an existing parking lot, it will be expected to meet as many of the current design and site plan requirements for new uses as is possible within the limits of the existing site layout and structural location
Design standards. All drive-through facilities shall adhere to the following site design standards:
Each drive-through lane shall be designed to prevent parking circulation congestion, both on site and on adjacent public and private streets and access ways.
Approach lanes for drive-through facilities shall have a minimum width of twelve (12) feet for one (1) lane and ten (10) feet for two (2) or more such designated lanes.
Queuing lanes for drive-through facilities shall not cross or pass through off-street parking areas, nor cross or be crossed by pedestrian access ways.
A landscape buffer not less than fifteen (15) feet in width shall be provided to screen drive- through lanes from adjacent properties in a different zoning district.
No drive-through facility shall be located across the street from or adjacent to any residentially zoned property or residential subdivision, unless the intervening street is an arterial roadway.
Order/menu boards for fast-food restaurants shall not exceed seven (7) feet in height or fifty (50) square feet in area.
Queuing space requirements.
Each queuing space shall be a minimum of twenty-two (22) feet.
Queuing spaces for drive-through facilities shall be provided as follows:
Land Use
Queuing Spaces*
Banks and credit unions
4 queuing spaces per service window/auto teller unit
Fast-food restaurants and coffee/ food sales without customer seating
5 queuing spaces, plus 3 queuing spaces from order board to pay window (if provided) plus 2 queuing spaces to pickup window. If no separate pay window is provided, a total of 10 queuing spaces shall be provided.
Sit-down restaurants with pickup service windows, without order board
5 queuing spaces
Retail pharmacy, cleaners and convenience stores
3 queuing spaces per service window
Freestanding ATM
3 queuing spaces
* The City may require additional queuing spaces based on the traffic report submitted with the special use permit application and/or analysis of an existing comparable facility within or in near proximity of the City.