City of Fenton, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note — Ordinance no. 3001 §1, adopted December 23, 2008, repealed title IV in its entirety. See editor's note at beginning of title IV.

Section 461.005 Purpose.

[Ord. No. 3001 §1, 12-23-2008]
Outdoor displays, sales and storage of merchandise shall be regulated at any place of business in the City of Fenton.

Section 461.010 Outdoor Displays and Sales.

[Ord. No. 3001 §1, 12-23-2008]
Displays And Sales In The Regular Course Of Business. The outdoor display of merchandise shall be confined to the front of the place of business next to the building wall in a way that does not block pedestrian movement. Products on display outside may be sold, but generally are there for advertisement.
Seasonal Or Promotional Sales. The sale of merchandise may be conducted for seasonal or temporary promotional sales in front of a retail establishment away from the building but on the same lot, subject to the regulations set forth herein. The sales area of a seasonal or promotional sale may not be larger than six thousand four hundred (6,400) square feet or ten percent (10%) of the square footage of the retail floor space of the business conducting the sale. No business may conduct outdoor seasonal or promotional sales by this Section of the Code for more than a total of one hundred twenty (120) days out of any six (6) month period.
Displays And Sales Shall Not Obstruct Traffic, Pedestrians, Fire Lanes. Outdoor displays and sales shall not encroach, interfere and/or obstruct vehicular access from designated fire lanes, drive aisles and/or impede the flow of pedestrian traffic on sidewalks.

Section 461.020 Outdoor Storage of Merchandise.

[Ord. No. 3001 §1, 12-23-2008]
Outdoor storage of merchandise and the storage of container boxes used in transport of merchandise shall be confined to the side or rear of the principal building and must be alongside the wall of the building and screened on the remaining three (3) sides by a screening fence or by such other appropriate means as determined by the Director during the site development approval process.

Section 461.030 Delivery of Merchandise For Outdoor Display and Sales.

[Ord. No. 3001 §1, 12-23-2008]
Merchandise for outdoor displays and sales may be delivered at the front of the retail establishment so long as parking, loading and unloading does not last more than two (2) hours.

Section 461.040 Displays To Be Safe, Neat and Orderly.

[Ord. No. 3001 §1, 12-23-2008]
Retailers are responsible for maintaining all outdoor sales, display and storage areas in a safe, neat and orderly manner. If the Director or authorized representative determines an outdoor sale, display or storage area to be unsafe or in violation of the standards set forth for exterior areas (Chapter 505), the problem must be corrected within forty-eight (48) hours of written notification. The Director may immediately shut down any display or sale that is determined to be an immediate health and safety hazard.