Township of Easttown, PA
Chester County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Board of Supervisors of the Township of Easttown 10-12-2011. Amendments noted where applicable.]
Uniform construction codes — See Ch. 160.
Driveways — See Ch. 177.
Stormwater management — See Ch. 388.
Streets and sidewalks — See Ch. 395.
Subdivision and land development — See Ch. 400.
Appendix 1, Standard Details Appendix 2, As-Built Plan Requirements
Article I General Conditions

§ A490-1 Scope.

§ A490-2 Definitions.

§ A490-3 Fitting and coordination of work.

§ A490-4 Superintendent; emergency maintenance crew.

§ A490-5 Permits, licenses and taxes.

§ A490-6 Protection of work and property.

§ A490-7 Traffic control and safety.

§ A490-8 Shop drawings.

§ A490-9 Use of premises.

§ A490-10 Materials and workmanship.

§ A490-11 Samples, certificates and tests.

§ A490-12 Changes in equipment and/or materials.

§ A490-13 Warranty of title.

§ A490-14 Township's right to do work.

§ A490-15 Engineer's status.

§ A490-16 Safety and health regulations.

§ A490-17 Location of utilities.

§ A490-18 Observation of work.

§ A490-19 Use of explosives.

§ A490-20 Lines, grades and construction surveying.

§ A490-21 Standard Details.

§ A490-22 As-built plans.

§ A490-23 Preconstruction conference.

§ A490-24 Soil erosion and sedimentation pollution control.

§ A490-25 Inspections.

§ A490-26 Days and hours of operation.

Article II Street Design and Construction

§ A490-27 General requirements.

§ A490-28 Subgrade.

§ A490-29 Subbase.

§ A490-30 Paving.

§ A490-31 Grading and shoulders.

§ A490-32 Joints.

Article III Street Excavation

§ A490-33 Permit required.

§ A490-34 Construction standards.

Article IV Driveways

§ A490-35 General provisions.

§ A490-36 Construction standards.

§ A490-37 Driveways for nonresidential uses.

Article V Curbs and Sidewalks

§ A490-38 General provisions.

§ A490-39 Curbs.

§ A490-40 Sidewalks.

§ A490-41 Curb ramps.

§ A490-42 Repair requirements.

Article VI Bicycle and Multipurpose Paths

§ A490-43 Construction standards.

Article VII Stormwater Management Facilities

§ A490-44 General provisions.

§ A490-45 Construction standards.

§ A490-46 Inlets or manholes; bridges.

Article VIII Structural BMPs

§ A490-47 General provisions.

§ A490-48 Materials.

§ A490-49 Construction standards.

Article IX Public Sanitary Sewers

§ A490-50 Adoption of standards.

Article X Public Water Distribution

§ A490-51 General provisions.

§ A490-52 Fire hydrants.

Article XI Street Signs and Markings

§ A490-53 Street name signs.

§ A490-54 Barricades.

§ A490-55 End-of-lane markings.

§ A490-56 Shoulder markings.

§ A490-57 Traffic paint.