City of Harrisonville, MO
Cass County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — Nuisances, ch. 220.
Article I In General

Section 210.010 Definitions.

Section 210.020 Penalties and Redemption.

Section 210.030 Interference With Animal Control Officer.

Section 210.040 Animal Shelter.

Section 210.050 Animals and Fowls At Large Prohibited.

Section 210.060 Dogs, Cats Running At Large Prohibited.

Section 210.070 Cruelty To Animals.

Section 210.080 Abandonment of Animals.

Section 210.090 Exposing Animals To Poisoned Substances.

Section 210.100 Display of Wild Animals.

Section 210.110 Sale of Animals Restricted.

Section 210.120 Required Signage For Sale of Fowl.

Section 210.130 Animals Exposed To Rabies — Observation — Disposition of Animals Biting or Attacking.

Section 210.140 Keeping of Dangerous, Wild or Vicious Animals — Prohibited.

Section 210.150 Permitting Animal To Become Nuisance — Keeping A Nuisance Animal.

Section 210.160 Feeding of Migratory Waterfowl Prohibited.

Section 210.170 Keeping of Vicious Dog.

Section 210.180 Limitations Upon Ownership.

Section 210.181 Lawful Trapping.

Article II Keeping Regulations

Section 210.190 Permit Required.

Section 210.200 Floor of Structure.

Section 210.210 Accumulation, Disposal of Excreta, Refuse.

Section 210.220 Sanitary Maintenance.

Section 210.230 Ventilation.

Section 210.240 Storage of Food.

Section 210.250 Construction of Vehicles For Transportation of Excreta — Permit.

Section 210.260 Transportation of Excreta Generally.

Article IIA Chickens

Section 210.265 Keeping of Chickens.

Section 210.266 Enclosures.

Section 210.267 Odors and Noise Impacts, Predators, Rodents, Insects and Parasites.

Section 210.268 Feed, Water, Waste and Removal.

Section 210.269 Chickens at Large, Unlawful Acts, Nuisances, Continuing Violations.

Article III Licenses

Section 210.270 Vaccination and License Required.

Section 210.280 Exception.

Section 210.290 Application.

Section 210.300 Vaccination Certificate.

Section 210.310 License Certificate.

Section 210.320 Issuance of Tag.

Section 210.330 Duration.

Section 210.340 Transfer Fee.

Section 210.350 Records.

Section 210.360 Penalty For Violation.

Article IV Impoundment

Section 210.370 Authorized.

Section 210.380 Alternate Citation.

Section 210.390 Notice To Owner.

Section 210.400 Disposal.

Section 210.410 Unlawful Removal.

Section 210.420 Animal Sterilization.