City of Bolivar, MO
Polk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The State traffic laws regulating the speed of vehicles shall be applicable upon all streets within the City, except that the City may by ordinance declare and determine upon the basis of engineering and traffic investigation that certain speed regulations shall be applicable upon specified streets or in certain areas, in which event it shall be unlawful for any person to drive a vehicle at a speed in excess of any speed so declared when signs are in place giving notice thereof.
The Director of Public Works is authorized to regulate the timing of traffic signals so as to permit the movement of traffic in an orderly and safe manner at speeds slightly at variance from the speeds otherwise applicable within the district or at intersections and shall erect appropriate signs giving notice thereof.
Except where otherwise provided by signs erected pursuant to duly passed and approved ordinances, no person shall operate a vehicle on any street in the City in excess of thirty (30) miles per hour.
No person shall drive a motor vehicle at such a slow speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law. Peace Officers may enforce the provisions of this Section by directions to drivers, and in the event of apparent willful disobedience to this provision and refusal to comply with direction of an officer in accordance herewith, the continued slow operation by a driver is an ordinance violation.
No person shall operate a motor vehicle upon those portions of the roadways which are set forth and described in Schedule I at a rate of speed in excess of that speed limit set for such portions of the roadways by said Schedule.[1]
Editor's Note: Said schedule is included at the end of Title III.
[R.O. 2009 § 340.020; R.O. 2007 § 340.020; Ord. No. 486 § 9(p-2), 11-16-1973; Ord. No. 2735, 8-9-2007]
No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed in excess of thirty (30) miles per hour outside a Central Business District; provided, that the Director of Public Works is empowered, subject to the approval of the City Administrator, to increase or decrease the speed limit on streets wherein, in his/her opinion by reasons of distance from the center of population, width and conditions of roadway and the amount of traffic thereon, a higher or lower limit is reasonable and free from undue hazard; and the Director of Public Works shall exercise the power to increase or decrease said speed limits by filing a written order with the office of the City Clerk specifying the recommended speed limit increase or decrease on a particular road or portions thereof and specifying the reasons for such increase or decrease in speed limit consistent with the purposes stated in this Section. Upon receipt of a written order from the Director of Public Works as provided for in this Section, the City Clerk shall submit such order to the City Administrator for review; and the City Administrator shall have the power to approve or reject such order. If the written order from the Director of Public Works as provided for in this Section is approved by the City Administrator, then such order of increase or decrease in speed limit shall be signed and dated by the City Administrator and returned to the office of the City Clerk for filing and such order shall take effect immediately upon the placing of adequate and clearly legible signage as provided for in Subsection (B) of this Section; and if the written order from the Director of Public Works as provided for in this Section is rejected by the City Administrator, the City Administrator shall notify the Director of Public Works, in writing, of the reasons for rejection.
Adequate and clearly legible signs stating such increased or decreased speed limit shall be placed along such streets and roadways.
No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed in excess of the limits thereby designated.
[R.O. 2009 § 340.050; R.O. 2007 § 340.050; Ord. No. 486 § 9(p-5), 11-16-1973]
No person shall drive a vehicle at a speed greater than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions then existing.
The City may, on any section of road where construction or major maintenance operations are being effected, fix a speed limit in such areas by posting of appropriate signs, and the operation of a motor vehicle in excess of such speed limit in the area so posted shall be deemed prima facie evidence of careless and imprudent driving and a violation of Section 335.220.
[R.O. 2009 § 340.070; R.O. 2007 § 340.080; Ord. No. 2437, 12-9-2003; Ord. No. 2479, 6-10-2004]
Notwithstanding any speed limit created by this Chapter or by an ordinance as reflected in the Schedule I to Title III, the Director of Public Works and Engineering is hereby authorized, by an order in writing, to establish a speed limit that is less than that provided by these ordinances along any portion of an alley, road, street or highway where there is ongoing construction or maintenance of either roadway or other utilities within the right-of-way for such alley, road, street or highway. Such speed limits shall be reasonable and consistent with the conditions created by virtue of the construction and expected construction or maintenance and all such reduced speed limits shall be visibly posted at either end of the stretch of alley way, road way, street or highway on, over or under which construction is ongoing or is imminently planned and shall also be placed at intervals of no less frequently than one-half (1/2) mile, if the total stretch of roadway wherein speed limits are to be limited is greater than that length. Upon the entry of an order consistent with this Chapter, such order shall be filed by the Director of Public Works and Engineering with the City Clerk and shall be presented to the Mayor and Board of Aldermen at the next regular meeting of the Board of Aldermen who shall then, or at any later date, have the right to amend such order by ordinance in any manner that the Board shall deem appropriate. However, the order of the Director shall be effective as of the date that it is filed with the office of the City Clerk and shall continue in effect unless and until the Board of Aldermen shall amend the same by ordinance or until it is earlier rescinded or amended by the Director and written notice thereof provided to the City Clerk.