City of Bolivar, MO
Polk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 410.010 Title, Interpretation, Scope, Purpose and Intent.

Article II Rules and Definitions

Section 410.020 Rules.

Section 410.030 Definitions.

Section 410.040 Undefined Words.

Article III Designation of Districts, Boundaries and District Regulations

Section 410.050 District Classifications.

Section 410.060 District Zoning Map.

Section 410.070 Voluntary Annexation Procedure.

Section 410.080 Rules Where Uncertainty May Arise.

Section 410.090 Exemptions.

Section 410.100 "A-L" Agricultural District.

Section 410.110 "R-1" Single-Family Dwelling District.

Section 410.120 "R-2" Single-Family Dwelling District.

Section 410.130 "R-3" Two-Family Dwelling District.

Section 410.140 "R-4" Multiple-Family Dwelling District.

Section 410.150 "MHS" Manufactured Home Subdivision District.

Section 410.160 "MHD" Manufactured Home Development District.

Section 410.170 "C-O" Office and Institution District.

Section 410.180 "C-S" Highway Service District.

Section 410.190 "C-1" Neighborhood Shopping District.

Section 410.200 "C-2" General Commercial District.

Section 410.210 "C-3" Central Business District.

Section 410.220 "I-1" Light Industrial District.

Section 410.230 "I-2" Heavy Industrial District.

Section 410.240 "P" Planned Development District.

Section 410.250 "PS" Parks and Public Service District.

Article IV Supplementary District Regulations

Section 410.260 Qualifications and Supplementation To Districts.

Section 410.270 Front Yards.

Section 410.280 Fences.

Section 410.290 Inoperable or Unlicensed Motor Vehicle Storage — Temporary Permit Authorized.

Section 410.300 Existing Mobile Home Parks and Mobile Homes.

Section 410.310 Merchandise On Public Property.

Section 410.320 Home Occupations.

Article V Parking and Loading Regulations

Section 410.330 Intent and Purpose.

Section 410.340 General Provisions.

Section 410.350 Required Spaces.

Section 410.360 Exception (Special Permit).

Section 410.370 Loading and Unloading Regulations.

Article VI Sign Regulations

Section 410.380 Intent and Purpose.

Section 410.390 Use Regulations.

Section 410.400 Classification of Signs.

Section 410.410 General Standards.

Section 410.420 Exemptions, Prohibited Signs, and Permits.

Section 410.430 District Regulations.

Article VII Non-Conformities

Section 410.440 General.

Section 410.450 Non-Conforming Lots of Record.

Section 410.460 Non-Conforming Structures.

Section 410.470 Non-Conforming Uses.

Section 410.480 Status of Special Uses.

Article VIII Board of Adjustment

Section 410.490 Appointment — Term — Vacancies — Organization.

Section 410.500 Powers and Jurisdiction.

Section 410.510 Applications.

Section 410.520 Performance.

Section 410.530 Who May Appeal The Board Decision.

Article IX Amendments

Section 410.540 Procedures.

Section 410.550 Hearings.

Section 410.560 Action By The Planning Commission.

Section 410.570 Action By The Governing Body.

Section 410.580 Fees.

Article X Enforcement, Violation and Penalty

Section 410.590 Enforcement.

Section 410.600 Building Permit.

Section 410.610 Violation and Penalty.

Article XI Validity

Section 410.620 Validity.