Jefferson County, MO
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 505.010 Purpose, Scope Of Authority And Performance Guarantee.

Section 505.020 Standards.

Section 505.030 Regulations.

Section 505.040 Inspection And Maintenance Of SWPPP.

Section 505.050 County Inspection And Violations.

Section 505.060 Transfer Of Ownership.

Section 505.070 through Section 505.120. (Reserved)

Article II Land Disturbance and Stormwater Management

Section 505.130 General.

Section 505.140 Purpose Of Article.

Section 505.150 Definitions.

Section 505.160 Policy/Administration.

Section 505.170 Erosion And Sediment Control/Stormwater Management Design Criteria.

Section 505.180 Phase II Storm Water National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

Section 505.190 Land Disturbance Permit.

Section 505.200 Land Disturbance Permit — Submission Requirements.

Section 505.210 Site Map.

Section 505.220 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Section 505.230 Project Narrative.

Section 505.240 Work Schedule.

Section 505.250 Soils Engineering Report.

Section 505.260 Engineering Geology Report.

Section 505.270 Performance Guarantee.

Section 505.280 Permittee's Responsibility.

Section 505.290 Inspections And Enforcement.

Section 505.300 Other Matters.

Section 505.310 through Section 505.350. (Reserved)

Article III Stormwater Management and Pollution Prevention

Section 505.360 Summary Of Common Pollutants And Sources.

Section 505.370 through Section 505.410. (Reserved)

Article IV Watersheds and Stream Order

Section 505.420 Jefferson County Watersheds.

Section 505.430 Stream Orders.

Section 505.440 through Section 505.480. (Reserved)

Article V Stormwater Design Requirements

Section 505.490 Purpose.

Section 505.500 Performance Standards.

Section 505.510 Design Criteria.

Section 505.520 through Section 505.560. (Reserved)

Article VI Best Management Practices For Erosion And Sediment Control

Section 505.570 Model Best Management Practices (BMPs) Jefferson County.

Section 505.580 Bonded Fiber Matrix.

Section 505.590 Dust Control.

Section 505.600 Erosion Control Blankets.

Section 505.610 Mulching.

Section 505.620 Rock Outlet.

Section 505.630 Seeding.

Section 505.640 Seeding Requirements.

Section 505.650 Sodding.

Section 505.660 Soil Binders.

Section 505.670 Streambank Protection.

Section 505.680 Temporary Stream Crossing.

Section 505.690 Non-Sediment Pollution Control.

Section 505.700 Pollution Prevention Procedures.

Section 505.710 Check Dam.

Section 505.720 Diversion — Ridge And Channel.

Section 505.730 Diversion — Storm Sewer.

Section 505.740 Gradient Terraces.

Section 505.750 Grass Lined Channel.

Section 505.760 Gravel Bags.

Section 505.770 Level Spreader.

Section 505.780 Surface Roughening.

Section 505.790 Temporary Slope Drain.

Section 505.800 Filter Strip.

Section 505.810 Inlet Protection — Block And Gravel.

Section 505.820 Inlet Protection — Fabric Drop.

Section 505.830 Inlet Protection — Gravel And Wire Mesh.

Section 505.840 Inlet Protection — Sod Filter.

Section 505.850 Sediment Basin.

Section 505.860 Sediment Trap.

Section 505.870 Silt Fence.

Section 505.880 Construction Entrance.

Section 505.890 Construction Parking.

Section 505.900 Construction Road.

Section 505.910 Washdown Station.

Article VII General Guidelines For SWPPP Inspection Requirements And SWPPP Observation Report

Section 505.920 SWPPP Inspection Requirements.

Section 505.930 Inspector's Responsibilities.

Section 505.940 Typical BMP Inspection Items — Refer To Site SWPPP For Additional Items.

Section 505.950 Variances.

Section 505.960 Planning And Zoning Commission — Appeal.