Village of Twin Oaks, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Mayor and Board of Aldermen

Section 110.010 Mayor and Aldermen — Qualifications.

Section 110.020 Oath.

Section 110.030 Mayor and Board — Duties.

Section 110.033 Mayor May Sit on Board.

Section 110.035 Board to Select an Acting President, Term; Perform Duties of Mayor, When.

Section 110.040 Meetings of the Board — Regular, Work Session and Special, When.

Section 110.050 Procedure.

Section 110.060 Board to Keep a Journal of Proceedings.

Section 110.070 Ordinances, Procedure to Enact.

Section 110.075 Bills Must Be Signed — Mayor's Veto.

Section 110.080 Board — Semi-Annual Statements.

Section 110.090 Board May Compel Attendance of Witnesses — Mayor to Administer Oaths.

Section 110.100 Vacancies, How Filled.

Section 110.110 Separation of Responsibility Between Elected and Appointed Officials.

Section 110.120 Mayor and Board — Compensation.

Section 110.125 Mayor; Duties and Powers.

Article II City Administrator/Clerk

Section 110.130 City Administrator/City Clerk.

Article III Open Meetings, Records and Votes

Section 110.140 Definitions.

Section 110.150 Meetings, Records and Votes To Be Public — Exceptions.

Section 110.160 Electronic Transmissions — Public Record — When.

Section 110.170 Notices of Meetings.

Section 110.180 Notice Required For Public Meeting On Tax Increases, Eminent Domain, Creation of Certain Districts, and Certain Redevelopment Plans.

Section 110.190 Closed Meetings — How Held.

Section 110.200 Journals of Meetings and Records of Voting.

Section 110.210 Accessibility of Meetings.

Section 110.220 Segregation of Exempt Material.

Section 110.230 Custodian Designated — Response To Request For Access To Records.

Section 110.240 Fees For Copying Public Records — Limitations.

Section 110.250 Destruction of Records and Non-Record Materials.

Section 110.260 Legal Defense Provided.