Village of Twin Oaks, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Definitions

Section 205.010 Definitions.

Article II Prohibitions

Section 205.020 Raising or Keeping Certain Animals Prohibited.

Section 205.030 Commercial Raising of Animals, Fowl and Reptiles Prohibited.

Section 205.040 Animal Abuse.

Section 205.050 Running At Large Prohibited — Impoundment of Animals Running At Large.

Section 205.060 Animals Running At Large Declared Public Nuisances — Impoundment Generally.

Section 205.070 Animal Waste.

Section 205.080 Loud and Obnoxious Animal Noises — Prohibited.

Section 205.090 Damaging or Defacing Property or Structures.

Article III Dogs and Cats

Section 205.100 Vaccination — Registration of Dogs and Cats Required — Exception — Tags.

Section 205.110 Registration Tags, Including Unlawful Possession, Counterfeiting, Alteration and/or Obliteration.

Section 205.120 Health Department — Authority To Contract For Dog Impounding Terms.

Section 205.130 Non-Rabid Animals — Claiming.

Section 205.140 Rabid Animals — Disposal.

Section 205.150 Destruction of Animal Report.

Section 205.160 Rabies — Suspected of, Exposed To.

Section 205.170 Rabies — To Be Reported.

Section 205.180 Quarantine.

Section 205.190 Animal Bite — Procedure.

Section 205.200 Right of Entry.

Section 205.210 Abandonment of Animals.

Section 205.220 Bad Dog or Other Animal — Notice.

Section 205.230 Dogs Running At Large — Prohibited — Exception.

Section 205.240 Presumption With Reference To Dogs Running At Large.

Section 205.250 Destruction of Stray Dogs and Cats.

Section 205.260 Restraining of Dangerous or Vicious Dogs and Cats.

Section 205.270 Destruction of Dangerous and Vicious Dogs and Cats.

Section 205.280 Dog or Cat Kennels Prohibited.

Section 205.290 Refusal To Deliver Animals To The Health Department — Prohibited.