Village of Twin Oaks, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 400.010 Title.

Section 400.020 Comprehensive Zoning Plan.

Section 400.030 Purpose.

Section 400.040 Interpretation.

Section 400.050 Effect On Previous Ordinances.

Section 400.060 Validity and Severability.

Article II Definitions

Section 400.070 General.

Section 400.080 Definitions.

Article III Districts and Boundaries

Section 400.090 Districts.

Section 400.100 Zoning District Boundaries.

Section 400.110 Scope of Provisions.

Section 400.120 Uses Not Expressly Permitted.

Article IV "A" Single-Family Dwelling District Regulations

Section 400.130 Use Regulations.

Section 400.140 Height Regulations.

Section 400.150 Area Regulations.

Section 400.160 Off-Street Parking Facilities.

Section 400.170 Application and Approval Procedures.

Section 400.175 Special Business Permit Procedure (SBP).

Article V "B" Single-Family Attached Dwelling District Regulations

Section 400.180 Use Regulations.

Section 400.190 Height Regulations.

Section 400.200 Area Regulations.

Section 400.210 Off-Street Parking Facilities.

Section 400.220 Application and Approval Procedures.

Article VI Supplemental Regulations in Residential Districts

Section 400.230 Required Front Yards.

Section 400.240 Location of Certain Vehicles.

Section 400.250 Location of Telephone, Cable TV and Utilities.

Section 400.255 Driveway Setback, Property Line and Construction Requirements.

Article VII "C" Commercial District Regulations

Section 400.260 Use Regulations.

Section 400.270 Additional Use Requirements.

Section 400.280 Height Regulations.

Section 400.290 Area Regulations.

Section 400.300 Off-Street Parking Facilities in "A" Residential Districts.

Section 400.310 Site Design Requirements.

Section 400.320 Development Plan Process and Limited Development Plan Process.

Article VIII "D" Park District Regulations

Section 400.330 Use Regulations.

Section 400.340 Site Design Requirements.

Section 400.350 Application and Approval Procedures.

Article IX "PD" Planned Development District

Section 400.355 District Regulations.

Article X Off-Street Parking Regulations

Section 400.360 Residential Parking Requirements.

Section 400.370 Non-Residential Parking Requirements.

Section 400.375 Permit Required/Enforcement.

Article XI Conditional Uses

Section 400.380 Conditional Uses.

Section 400.390 Application and Approval Procedures.

Article XII Telecommunication Towers

Section 400.400 Telecommunication Towers.

Article XIII Non-Conforming Uses

Section 400.410 Continuance of Use.

Section 400.420 Discontinuance.

Section 400.430 Damage and Restoration.

Article XIV Administration and Enforcement

Section 400.440 Code Enforcement Official.

Section 400.450 Certificates of Occupancy.

Section 400.460 Fees and Deposits.

Section 400.470 Violations and Penalties.

Article XV Planning and Zoning Commission

Section 400.480 Membership.

Section 400.490 Organization and Operation.

Section 400.500 Meeting Times.

Article XVI Amendments

Section 400.510 Procedural Requirements.

Article XVII Board of Adjustment

Section 400.520 Board of Adjustment — Created.

Section 400.530 Meetings.

Section 400.540 Appeals To Board of Adjustment.

Section 400.550 Purpose and Powers of The Board of Adjustment.

Section 400.560 Decision of Board of Adjustment.

Section 400.570 Appeals From Board of Adjustment.