City of Twin Oaks, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2011 §400.230; Ord. No. 84-2 Art. VI §1, 1-4-1984; Ord. No. 129 §12, 10-15-2003; Ord. No. 322 §3, 11-17-2010]
There shall be only one (1) driveway per lot, tract or parcel of ground and the maximum width shall not exceed twenty-two (22) feet.
Cross Reference — As to additional driveway regulations, §400.255.
[R.O. 2011 §400.240; Ord. No. 84-2 Art. VI §2, 1-4-1984; Ord. No. 129 §12, 10-15-2003]
Mobile homes, recreational vehicles, trailers, pickup camper bodies, trucks having a gross vehicle weight exceeding twelve thousand (12,000) pounds, buses, boats and commercial vehicles and equipment shall not be parked or stored in any portion of a front yard. No mobile home, recreational vehicle, trailer, pickup camper body, truck or bus shall be occupied for living, sleeping or housekeeping purposes.
[R.O. 2011 §400.250; Ord. No. 129 §12, 10-15-2003]
All utility distribution lines shall be installed underground. Cable switching enclosures, pad-mounted transformers and service pedestals may be installed above ground, but pad-mounted transformers shall not be located within a front yard. No satellite dish or other similar earth reception station which exceeds twenty-four (24) inches in diameter shall be located in an "A" Single-Family Dwelling District or a "B" Single-Family Attached Dwelling District unless totally screened from view from adjoining properties and not located within a front yard. Any satellite dish or other similar earth reception station which exceeds twenty-four (24) inches in diameter shall be made of mesh material, painted black or grey and installed on the ground. All outdoor premises lighting including landscape lighting shall be placed, designed and installed in a manner which will prevent light from falling directly on an adjoining lot or premises. Dusk to dawn lights shall not exceed two hundred fifty (250) H.P.S. in wattage and shall be directed or shielded in a manner which will prevent light from falling directly on an adjoining lot or premises.
[R.O. 2011 §400.255; Ord. No. 322 §4, 11-17-2010]
No new driveway for a single-family or multi-family dwelling shall be located closer than eleven (11) feet, or such distance as currently exists on current lot, to any side or rear property line except that if the existing driveway was constructed within the setback, the owner may replace the driveway to its present dimensions, but in no case shall the driveway cross any property line.
Curb cuts shall be designated at a radius to facilitate water and debris flow. No curb cut may exceed twenty-five (25) feet.
The turnaround area shall be no larger than twelve (12) feet by twelve (12) feet, shall not extend into the eleven-foot side yard setback, shall not be used for parking recreational vehicles and shall not be used for storage.
[Ord. No. 426 §2, 4-16-2014]
On corner lots, driveways shall be set back at least thirty (30) feet from an intersection, as measured from the point where the extended curb lines of the streets intersect.
Any new or existing driveway widened from a single driveway to a double driveway, parking pad, curb cut, turnaround or driveway approach shall be constructed of an approved paving surface as defined herein.
No driveway located in the front yard shall exceed twenty-two (22) feet in width. Driveways, parking pads, turnarounds and pad approaches shall not occupy more than thirty-five percent (35%) of any front yard area.
A parking pad connector shall match the elevation of both the driveway and the parking pad to which it connects, shall be uninterrupted, may, at a maximum, extend parallel to the driveway at no greater width than the parking pad to which it connects and may not be constructed unless a similarly constructed, otherwise allowed, parking pad exists.
[Ord. No. 426 § 2, 4-16-2014]
A parking pad shall not extend into the side yard setback of eleven (11) feet, nor beyond the rear building line of the structure unless connected to an already existing garage. It shall not exceed twenty-two (22) feet in width and shall be located on the same side of the property as the driveway. Only one (1) parking pad shall be permitted per lot.
[Ord. No. 426 § 2, 4-16-2014]
[1]Driveways may be constructed of either hard or porous surfaced materials provided construction materials comply with building codes. Driveways and approaches will be installed of like material creating either all hard or all porous surface.
Editor’s Note: Subsection I, which provided that a parking pad could not extend any distance past the rear building line of a property, was repealed 4-16-2014 by Ord. No. 426 §2. This Section of this ordinance also provided for the redesignation of former Subsections J through M as Subsections I through L, respectively.
No new driveway may be constructed of rock or gravel.
Whenever a driveway approach intersects a sidewalk, such driveway approach should comply with current ADA requirements.
Exception. Notwithstanding anything herein, lot owners with parking areas made of gravel, which exist on the effective date of this Subsection, may, upon approved permit, continue to repair and maintain these rock or gravel parking areas until replacement is necessary. All parking pads, curb cuts or driveway approaches must be replaced with complying materials at time of improvement.