Village of Twin Oaks, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 600.010 Definitions.

Section 600.020 Minors Purchasing or Possessing Intoxicating Liquor.

Section 600.030 Assisting Minor in Falsification of Age.

Section 600.040 License Required — Classes of Licenses.

Section 600.050 License Regulations.

Article II License Regulations

Section 600.060 License Required For Sale.

Section 600.070 Separate License Required For Each Premises — Maximum Number of Licenses in Which Any Person May Have An Interest.

Section 600.080 Application.

Section 600.090 Persons Ineligible For License Generally.

Section 600.100 Locations Ineligible For License.

Section 600.110 Temporary Location For Liquor By The Drink, Caterers — Permit — Fee Required.

Section 600.120 Persons Eligible For License To Sell Intoxicating Liquor in The Original Package.

Section 600.130 Table Tap Dispensing of Beer Permitted, When.

Section 600.140 Licenses and Fees.

Section 600.150 Collection, Disposition of Fees.

Section 600.160 Other Licenses May Be Required For Other Business Activities.

Section 600.170 Issuance — Renewals.

Section 600.180 License To Describe Premises For Which Issued.

Section 600.190 Display of License.

Section 600.200 Licenses Non-Transferable — Exceptions.

Section 600.210 Revocation.

Section 600.220 Provisions Severable.

Section 600.230 Reserved.

Article III Operations

Section 600.240 Original Package Purchases Not To Be Consumed On The Premises Where Sold.

Section 600.250 Closing Hours.

Section 600.260 Keeping of Intoxicating Liquor Other Than That Authorized By The License.

Section 600.270 Sale To Minor — Certain Other Persons, Ordinance Violation — Exceptions — Permitting Drinking or Possession By A Minor, Penalty, Exception — Defenses.

Section 600.280 Persons Eighteen Years of Age or Older May Sell or Handle Intoxicating Liquor, When.

Section 600.290 Administration of Law — License Suspension/Revocation.

Section 600.300 Hearings Upon Suspension or Revocation of Licenses.