Village of Twin Oaks, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 605.010 Definitions.

Article II License Regulations

Section 605.020 Licenses Required.

Section 605.030 License Prerequisite.

Section 605.040 License Display.

Section 605.050 (Reserved)

Section 605.060 False Statements.

Section 605.070 Statement Required.

Section 605.080 Revocation Of License.

Article III License Fees

Section 605.090 Flat Fee.

Section 605.100 Gross Receipts.

Section 605.105 Gross Receipts — Utilities.

Section 605.110 Merchants' License Tax — Minimum.

Section 605.120 Business And Occupation Tax — Gross Receipts Tax On Specific Businesses.

Section 605.130 Fee Schedule.

Article IV Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 605.140 Dramshops And Sales Of Intoxicating Liquor Prohibited.

Section 605.150 City Administrator/Clerk To Be Notified Of Sale Or Lease.

Section 605.160 Authorization Of Deputies And Agents.

Section 605.170 Corporate Officers Responsible For Provisions Of Chapter.

Section 605.180 Exceptions To Provisions Of Chapter.

Section 605.190 Filing Of Copy Of State Sales Tax Return.

Section 605.200 Form Of License, Where Filed, Signing Of License, Operating Hours.

Article V Violations and Penalties

Section 605.210 Violations, Penalties.

Section 605.215 Enforcement Of Chapter.

Section 605.220 False Statements Causing Reduction In Payment.

Article VI Local Management Agent — Shopping Centers

Section 605.230 Appointment Of Management Agent By Owners Of Shopping Centers.

Article VII Alarm Systems Code

Section 605.240 Alarm Systems Code Adoption.