City of Byrnes Mill, MO
Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 400.010 Short Title.

Section 400.020 Definitions.

Article II Interpretation and Purpose

Section 400.030 Interpretation and Purpose.

Article III Districts, District Boundaries, and General Regulations

Section 400.040 Districts.

Section 400.050 District Boundaries.

Section 400.060 General Regulations.

Article IV "A" Agricultural District

Section 400.070 Regulations.

Section 400.080 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.090 (Reserved)

Section 400.100 Height and Area Regulations.

Article V "R-1" Single-Family Residential District

Section 400.110 Regulations.

Section 400.120 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.130 (Reserved)

Section 400.140 Parking Regulations.

Section 400.150 Height and Area Regulations.

Article VI "R-1" PUD.75 (Planned Unit Development of One Acre Residential)

Section 400.152 "R-1" PUD.75 Planned Unit Development of One Acre Residential.

Article VII "R-1" PUD.50 (Planned Unit Development of One Acre Residential)

Section 400.155 "R-1" PUD.50 Planned Unit Development of One Acre Residential.

Article VIII "R-80" Country Residential Two Acre Zoning District

Section 400.157 "R-80" Country Residential Two Acre Zoning District.

Article IX "R-2" Single-Family Residential District

Section 400.160 Regulations.

Section 400.170 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.180 (Reserved)

Section 400.190 Parking Regulations.

Section 400.200 Height and Area Regulations.

Article IXA Single-Family Attached Residential District (Permitted in Existing "R-1" and "R-2" Residential Zones)

Section 400.201 Statement of Intent/Purpose.

Section 400.202 Regulations.

Section 400.203 Height and Area Regulations.

Section 400.204 Preliminary Plan.

Section 400.205 Definitions.

Article X "R-3" Multiple-Family District

Section 400.210 Purpose.

Section 400.220 Uses.

Section 400.230 Density Of Development And Related Area Requirements.

Section 400.240 General Development Requirements.

Section 400.250 through Section 400.260. (Reserved)

Section 400.270 Landscaping And Buffer Requirements.

Section 400.280 through Section 400.290. (Reserved)

Article XI "MH" Mobile Home Park District Regulations

Section 400.300 Location Outside Trailer Parks.

Section 400.310 Parking Regulations.

Section 400.320 Area.

Section 400.330 Percentage of Lot Coverage.

Section 400.340 "MH(A)" Mobile Home District.

Section 400.345 (Reserved)

Article XII "B-1" General Commercial District

Section 400.350 Regulations.

Section 400.360 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.370 Examples of Uses Which May Be Considered.

Section 400.380 Access, Parking and Loading Requirements.

Section 400.385 Plan Requirements and Review.

Section 400.390 Height and Area Regulations.

Article XIII "I-1" Light Industrial District

Section 400.400 Regulations.

Section 400.410 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.420 (Reserved)

Section 400.430 Storage of Products, Materials, and Equipment.

Section 400.440 Access, Parking and Loading Regulations.

Section 400.450 Plan Requirements and Review.

Section 400.460 Height and Area Regulations.

Article XIV "I-2" Light Industrial District

Section 400.461 Regulations.

Section 400.462 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.463 (Reserved)

Section 400.464 Storage of Products, Materials and Equipment.

Section 400.465 Access, Parking and Loading Regulations.

Section 400.466 Plan Requirements and Review.

Section 400.467 Height and Area Regulations.

Article XV Non-Conforming Uses

Section 400.470 Non-Conforming Uses.

Article XVI Telecommunication Facilities and Antenna Regulations

Section 400.471 Communication Antennas and Towers.

Section 400.472 Definitions.

Section 400.473 Permitted Uses.

Section 400.474 Appeals.

Section 400.475 Towers — Special Uses.

Section 400.476 General Requirements.

Section 400.477 Obsolete Tower Structures and Antennas.

Section 400.478 Commercial Operation of Unlawful Towers or Antennas.

Article XVII Height and Area Exceptions and Modifications

Section 400.480 Regulations.

Section 400.490 General Area Exceptions and Modifications.

Section 400.500 Front Yard Exceptions and Modifications.

Section 400.505 Side Yard Exceptions and Modifications.

Section 400.510 Rear Yard Exceptions and Modifications.

Section 400.515 (Reserved)

Section 400.520 Height Exceptions and Modifications.

Article XVIII Off-Street Parking and Loading Requirements

Section 400.525 Specific Requirements Apply To All Uses Cited Regardless of District.

Section 400.530 New Construction — Provisions of Off-Street Parking and Loading Spaces.

Section 400.535 Procedures and Standards.

Section 400.540 Schedule of Parking Spaces Required.

Section 400.545 Exceptions.

Section 400.550 Non-Residential Parking in Residential Districts.

Section 400.555 Off-Street Loading Requirements.

Article XIX Sign Regulations

Section 400.560 Short Title.

Section 400.563 Scope.

Section 400.565 Definitions.

Section 400.567 Permit Requirements.

Section 400.570 Application For Sign Permit — Temporary.

Section 400.573 Permanent Sign Regulation By Zoning District.

Section 400.575 Prohibited Signs.

Section 400.577 Non-Conforming Signs.

Section 400.580 Political Signs.

Section 400.583 Temporary Signs.

Section 400.585 Temporary Displays.

Section 400.587 Exempt Signs.

Section 400.590 Standards For Signs Requiring Permits.

Section 400.593 General Restrictions On Sign Regulations and Maintenance.

Section 400.595 Enforcement.

Section 400.600 Appeals and Variances.

Article XX Special Use Regulations

Section 400.605 Special Use Regulations.

Section 400.607 Special Use Permit.

Article XXI Amendments

Section 400.610 Authority.

Section 400.615 Applications For District Changes Filed With City Clerk — Clerk To Bring Before Board of Alderpersons.

Section 400.620 Application Forms — Documents May Be Required.

Section 400.625 Application Referred To Planning and Zoning Commission For Recommendations.

Section 400.630 Board of Alderpersons May Reject Application.

Section 400.635 Public Hearing — Approval or Rejection of Application.

Section 400.640 Board May Modify Etc., Regulations of Districts.

Section 400.645 Public Hearing Required Before Amendment Becomes Effective.

Section 400.650 If Amendment Under Protest — Two-Thirds Approval By Board of Alderpersons Required.

Section 400.655 Special Use Permit May Be Granted in Lieu of District Change.

Article XXII Zoning Board of Adjustment

Section 400.660 Creation of Board — Term — Vacancies.

Section 400.665 Functions — Chairman Elected — Meetings.

Section 400.670 Meetings Open To The Public.

Section 400.675 Notice of Appeal.

Section 400.680 Hearing.

Section 400.685 Powers.

Article XXIII Occupancy Permits

Section 400.690 Certificate of Occupancy.

Section 400.695 Applicability.

Section 400.700 Content of Occupancy Permit.

Section 400.705 Reporting Change of Occupancy.

Section 400.710 Conditional Occupancy Permit.

Section 400.720 Fee.

Section 400.725 Application For Certificate of Occupancy.

Section 400.730 Record of Certificate of Occupancy.

Section 400.735 Certificate of Occupancy For Non-Conforming Uses.

Section 400.740 Violation of Article.

Article XXIV Violation and Penalty

Section 400.745 Violation and Penalty.