City of Byrnes Mill, MO
Jefferson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Generally

Section 700.010 Establishment of Department of Sewers.

Section 700.020 Personnel.

Section 700.025 Mandatory Connection To Sewer System When Available.

Section 700.028 Voluntary Connection To Sewer System With Property Lying Outside of The City of Byrnes Mill.

Section 700.029 Sub-Districts.

Article II Sanitary Sewer Connection Permits

Section 700.030 Permit Required.

Section 700.040 Application For Permit.

Section 700.050 Additional Regulations.

Section 700.060 Service Line.

Article III Sewer Connection Charges — Deferral

Section 700.070 Deferring Sewer Connection Charges.

Section 700.075 Service Connection Fee Required.

Article IV Septic Tanks

Section 700.080 Requirements.

Section 700.090 Size of Tank.

Section 700.100 Clean Out Provisions.

Section 700.110 Subsurface Filter.

Section 700.120 Permit Required.

Article V Rates

Section 700.130 Rates Established.

Section 700.140 Charges For Sewage Service.

Section 700.150 Lien.

Section 700.160 Collection.

Section 700.165 Termination of Service For Non-Payment.

Section 700.170 Remedy For Failure To Pay and Notice of Termination of Service.

Section 700.175 Remedies.

Section 700.180 Person Responsible For Payment.

Section 700.190 Filing Copy.

Section 700.200 Compliance With Regulations.

Section 700.210 Service Connections.

Section 700.220 Tap-On Fees, Hardship.

Section 700.230 Service Outside City Limits.

Article VI Sewer Surcharges

Section 700.240 Approval Required — Handling of Industrial Waste.

Section 700.250 Special Sewage Treatment Charge.

Article VII Harmful Substances

Section 700.260 Prohibited Substances.

Section 700.270 Chemicals.

Section 700.280 Interception.

Section 700.290 Biochemical Oxygen Demand Limits.

Article VIII Industrial Wastes in City Sewer System

Section 700.300 Definitions.

Section 700.310 Permit Required.

Section 700.320 Requirements For Permits.

Section 700.330 Regular Sampling Procedure.

Section 700.340 Methods of Determining Volume and Concentrations.

Section 700.350 Power of Superintendent and Employees.

Section 700.360 Pre-Treatment Requirements.

Section 700.370 Grease, Oil and Sand Interceptors.

Section 700.380 Plans and Specifications — Pre-Treatment Facilities and Interceptors.

Section 700.390 Prohibited Discharges.

Article IX Substances Not Allowed in Sewage System

Section 700.400 Prohibited Substances.

Section 700.410 Testing.

Section 700.420 Storm Sewers, Ditches and Drains.

Article X Plugging of Discontinued Sewer Connection

Section 700.430 Plugging Required.

Article XI Recycled Wastewater Testing Required

Section 700.440 Testing Required.

Section 700.450 Elements of Tests.

Section 700.460 Results of Tests.

Section 700.470 No Warranty.

Article XII Construction Over Sanitary Sewers

Section 700.480 Construction Over Sanitary Sewers.

Article XIII Violation and Penalty

Section 700.490 Penalty.