City of Coldwater, MI
Branch County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010; Ord. No. 763, passed 12-26-2012]
For the purpose of this Zoning Code, the City is hereby divided into 14 classes of zone districts known as:
AA, One-Family Agricultural Residential District.
R-3, One-Family Residential District.
A-1, One-Family Residential District.
A-2, One and Two-Family Residential District.
A-3, Multi-Family Residential District.
PUD, Planned Unit Development District.
OS, Office Service District.
C-1, Community Business District.
C-2, Central Business District.
C-3, Highway Commercial District.
C-4, General Business District.
D-1, Light Industrial District.
D-2, Heavy Industrial District.
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
The boundaries of the districts established in Section 1266.01 are hereby established as shown on a map entitled "The Zoning Map of the City of Coldwater, Michigan," as amended, which is hereby made a part of this Zoning Code as if the same were set forth herein in full. Such Zoning Map is on file in the City Building and copies of the same may be obtained, at cost, from the Zoning Administrator.
Except where referenced on said Map to a street line or other designated line by dimensions shown on said Map, the district boundary lines follow lot lines or the center lines of streets or alleys as they existed at the time of the adoption of this Zoning Code; but where a district line does not coincide with such lot lines or such street center lines, or where it is not designated by dimensions, it shall be deemed to be 150 feet back from the nearest parallel street line.
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
Where a district boundary line, as established in this chapter or as shown on the Zoning Map, divides a lot or lots in common ownership and of record at the time of the enactment of this Zoning Code, the district boundary shall be considered as extending to the entire lot, provided the more restricted portion of such lot is entirely within 25 feet of said dividing district boundary line. The uses so extended shall be deemed to be conforming.
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
In every case where property has not been specifically included within a district, the same is hereby declared to be in the AA, One-Family Agricultural Residential District. Such provisions shall apply pending the promulgation and adoption of the new City zoning regulations for such property in the manner prescribed by law.
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
Dimensional regulations for all Zoning Districts are contained together in Appendix A.[1] The table in Appendix A specifies a related set of information for all Zoning Districts. This table does not include general requirements of this Zoning Code.
Editor's Note: Appendix A is included as an attachment to this chapter.