Wright City, MO
Warren County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note — Ord. no. 750 §§I — II, adopted March 22, 2012, repealed ch. 220 "dogs and cats" and enacted new provisions set out herein. Former ch. 220 derived from ord. no. 299 §I, 11-9-1995.
Article I In General

Section 220.010 Creation of Enforcement Agency.

Section 220.015 Appointment.

Section 220.018 Animal Control Officer.

Section 220.020 Definitions.

Article II Livestock

Section 220.030 Keeping Poultry, Livestock Near Dwellings.

Section 220.040 Livestock, Fowl At Large.

Section 220.050 Slaughtering Fowls Prohibited.

Article III General Regulations

Section 220.060 Limitation On The Number of Dogs and Cats.

Section 220.070 Dogs in Parks.

Section 220.075 Dogs and Cats To Be Impounded.

Section 220.080 Impounding, Redemption.

Section 220.090 Animal Abandonment and Neglect.

Section 220.100 Responsibility of Parent/Guardian.

Section 220.110 Prohibited Acts.

Section 220.120 Penalties.

Section 220.130 Responsibility of Dog Owners To Remove Animal Waste From Sidewalks, Streets and Other Public Areas of The City.

Article IV Dogs and Cats — Generally

Section 220.140 Male and Female Included.

Section 220.150 Inoculation, License Prerequisite To Keeping.

Section 220.160 License Regulations.

Section 220.170 Fee.

Section 220.180 Tag To Be Attached.

Section 220.190 Dogs To Be Restrained.

Section 220.200 Use of Improper Tags.

Section 220.210 Proof of Ownership.

Section 220.220 Interfering With Confinement.

Section 220.230 Bringing Animal Into City For Purposes of Impounding.

Section 220.240 Warning of Dangerous Animal Required.

Section 220.250 Procedure in Case of Bites.

Section 220.260 Noisy, Annoying Dogs or Cats.

Section 220.270 Police Dogs.

Article V Dangerous or Potentially Dangerous Animals

Section 220.280 Exclusions.

Section 220.290 Determination.

Section 220.300 Impoundment.

Section 220.310 Disposition of Dangerous Animals and Conditions Placed On Owners and Keepers of Said Dogs.

Section 220.320 Care Conditions of Dangerous and Potentially Dangerous Animal.

Section 220.330 Miscellaneous.

Article VI Facilities

Section 220.340 Kennels.

Section 220.350 Dog Play Areas.