City of Coldwater, MI
Branch County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
This Zone District is intended to serve the entertainment, meeting, and centralized shopping and merchandising activities of the community, together with limited residential and office needs.
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
Within this District no building, structure or premises shall be erected, altered or used except for one or more of the following specified uses unless otherwise provided in this Zoning Code, provided that all business or processing shall be conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building, except for those activities normally associated with downtown business association sponsored events and promotions:
Automotive parts sales.
Bowling alleys and billiard halls.
Department stores.
Hotels and motels.
Banks (no drive-through), offices, professional and trade.
Commercial print shops.
(Restaurant (fast food sit-down).
General retail and convenience stores.
Personal service establishments.
Government offices and post offices.
Off-street parking, subject to Section 1296.02.
Fraternal lodges or similar civic or social clubs.
Florists and gift shops.
Museums and art galleries.
Theaters and other public entertainment.
Accessory residential dwelling units in buildings of two stories or greater, subject to the following:
No dwelling unit shall occupy a basement or ground floor.
No dwelling shall be located on the same floor or on a floor lower than a business located in the same building.
Each dwelling shall contain a minimum of 300 square feet.
Each dwelling shall be provided with at least 1 1/2 off-street parking spaces, which shall require City Council, approval if a Municipal lot is involved.
If facing a street, window air conditioning units shall not project beyond the face of the building.
Provisions for rubbish storage and collection shall be provided to the rear or alley-side of the building only.
The external hanging of laundry from, between and adjacent to buildings is prohibited.
Dwelling units shall have access that is separate from the businesses located in the same building.
Grocery stores and meat markets.
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
The following uses may be permitted, but are subject to the provisions and conditions outlined in Chapter 1295 (Special Land Uses):
Automotive repair, minor.
Banks (drive-through), subject to the provisions of 1296.06, Off-Street Stacking Space for Drive-Through Facilities.
Gasoline service stations.
Unclassified uses referred to this District under the provisions of Section 1299.19.
Outdoor sales, storage, displays and outdoor cafe seating when associated with the principal permitted use of the adjacent property. All associated sandwich or A-frame signs must conform to the requirements of Section 1294.06(d).
Residential housing provided that two thirds of either side of the block in which the housing is proposed is currently in residential use. Conversions of existing buildings into additional residential units are not permitted on lots that are less than 55 feet wide or that have an area of less than 6,000 square feet. The maximum ratio for converted units shall be one dwelling unit for each 3,000 square feet of lot area to a total of not more than four units. For the purpose of this section, all lot area shall be measured within 110 feet of the front street line.
Multiple-family dwellings as the primary use, subject to the following:
[Added 1-22-2018 by Ord. No. 809]
The minimum height shall be at least two stories.
Street fronting. Every building shall front the primary street to which the building's address is assigned. On the street-level frontage shall be located a public entrance. If any common area or office uses are to accompany the primary multifamily residential use, they shall be located at ground level and front the primary public street to which the building's address is assigned.
Each dwelling unit shall be provided with at least one off-street parking space, which shall require City Council approval if a municipally owned lot is involved.
Rubbish storage and collection shall be provided to the rear or alley side of the building only.
The external hanging of any equipment or personal items from, between, and adjacent to buildings is prohibited.
Marihuana retailer, subject to a 1,000-foot separation distance between a proposed marihuana retailer and all other approved marihuana retailers in the district and all other separations and conditions specified in Chapter 1295.05 of this Code.
[Added 6-22-2020 by Ord. No. 832]
The following height and area regulations shall apply.
Height. No building shall exceed 60 feet in height. The minimum height shall be at least two stories if 2/3 of the buildings on either side of the block are two stories.
[Amended 7-25-2016 by Ord. No. 797]
Front yard. No front yard is required. The setback shall be zero feet, if two thirds of the buildings on either side of the block have a setback of zero feet.
Side yards. No side yards are required. The setback shall be zero feet, if two thirds of the buildings on either side of the block have a setback of zero feet.
Rear yard. No rear yard is required.
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
For regulations applicable to ingress and egress for the C-2 District, see Section 1299.21.
For an overview of all districts and their regulations see the Schedule of Regulations in Appendix A.[1]
Editor's Note: Appendix A is included as an attachment to Chapter 1266, Districts Generally and Zoning Map.