City of Coldwater, MI
Branch County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
This Zone District is intended to satisfy the land needs for a wide range of business uses and to cater to the needs of a larger consumer population than is served by the other commercial business districts.
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010; Ord. No. 752, passed 3-28-2011]
Within this District no building, structure or premises shall be erected, altered or used except for one or more of the following specified uses, unless otherwise provided in this chapter:
Any nonresidential or non-institutional retail business or service establishment allowed as a use permitted by right in the OS Office Service District, C-1 Commercial District, C-2 Central Business District, C-3 Highway District (Chapters 1284, 1286, 1288, 1290).
Appliance stores.
Athletic and racquet clubs and other indoor recreation facilities, including bowling alleys and skating rinks.
Automobile and boat supply, parts and accessories.
Bakeries, confectioneries and catering services.
Banks, finance and loan offices (no drive-through).
Barber and beauty shops.
Bicycle sales and repair.
Book stores and stationery shops.
Bus and parcel pickup stations.
Candy store, ice cream and soda fountains.
Dance studio, musical instrument sales and lessons.
Delicatessen, grocery store, food store.
Department and variety stores, clothing stores and tailoring, jewelry stores.
Drug stores.
Florists and gift shops.
Funeral homes or mortuaries.
Furniture, hardware, paint, wallpaper and carpet stores.
Greenhouses, retail.
Grocery store/food store.
Hotels and motels.
Laundromats and dry cleaners.
Lodge hall, private clubs, and veteran's clubs.
Medical, dental, veterinary clinics and laboratories.
Day care center.
Offices and studios - professional, business, administrative, medical, dental and service.
Office machines and computer sales and service.
Parking lots and accessory structures and uses customarily incidental to the uses permitted in this District.
Print shops, commercial.
Pet shops, not including treatment and boarding.
Public buildings.
Radio, television, shoe and small engine repair shops.
Rental shops.
Restaurants (excluding drive-in and drive-through, see Sec. 1291.03).
Service stations, gasoline and lubrication, including minor repair.
Shopping centers containing one or more permitted or special uses.
Tattoo and body piercing.
[Added 7-31-2015 by Ord. No. 786]
Check cashing and payday loan establishments.
[Added 7-31-2015 by Ord. No. 786]
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
The following uses may be permitted, but are subject to the provisions and conditions outlined in Chapter 1295.
Any use that may be allowed by special use permit in the C-1, C-2, C-3 and OS Districts;
Lumber yards and new building material sales;
Outdoor recreation centers and arcades, excluding shooting ranges and major amusement parks, but including miniature golf, go-cart rides and golf driving ranges;
Adult entertainment establishments, subject to Section 1299.19;
Dwelling unit conversions to bed and breakfast, multifamily or commercial use;
New or used automobile and equipment sales and major repair and service;
Manufactured home, recreational vehicle, boat and trailer sales and service;
Commercial mini-storage facilities;
Drive in and drive-through facilities including restaurants, banks, finance and loan offices;
Unclassified uses referred to in Section 1299.19;
Temporary outdoor sales and events operated longer than 10 days;
Outdoor sales, storage and displays, when associated and operated by with the principal permitted use of the property on which it's located.
Marihuana retailer or marihuana microbusiness, subject to a 1,000-foot separation distance between a proposed marihuana retailer or marihuana microbusiness and all other approved marihuana retailers and marihuana microbusinesses in the district and all other separations and conditions specified in Chapter 1295.05 of this Code.
[Added 6-22-2020 by Ord. No. 832]
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
The following height, area and lot width regulations shall apply:
Height. No building shall exceed four stories or 45 feet in height, whichever is less.
Front yard. There shall be a front yard building setback of not less than 25 feet from the right-of-way line. The first 10 feet thereof shall be devoted to improved landscaping. (See Section 1296.03 for additional setbacks necessary to conform to parking and loading provisions and Chapter 1297 for landscape requirements.)
Side yard. Where the side lot line of any lot in this District abuts a residential use or district, a twenty-five-foot side-yard setback shall be required. For other lots in this District, buildings shall be set back such that the combined width of both side yards shall total at least 40 feet. The minimum width of any one side yard shall be 10 feet.
Rear yard. There shall be a rear yard of at least 20 feet, as measured from any principal building. The rear yard setback shall be a minimum of 25 feet if the rear yard abuts a Residential District.
Lot width. All lots created after the effective date of this chapter shall have a minimum lot width of 150 feet as measured at the street right-of-way line and maintained for a distance of 100 feet from the right-of-way line. Any lot created prior to the effective date of this chapter shall be considered conforming to the lot width standards of this chapter if it has a minimum width of 100 feet at the street right-of-way line.
[Ord. No. 738, passed 2-22-2010]
See Section 1299.21 for regulations applicable to Ingress and Egress for the C-4 District.
For an overview of all districts and their regulations see the Schedule of Regulations in Appendix A.[1]
Editor's Note: Appendix A is included as an attachment to Chapter 1266, Districts Generally and Zoning Map.