City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — General penalty for Code violations, §100.080; administration, Title I; offenses and miscellaneous provisions, ch. 210.
[Code 1980 §2-44; CC 1990 §21-26]
This City hereby contracts and agrees to cooperate with each City, Town and Village within St. Louis County, Missouri, for certain common Police service under the terms and conditions contained in this Chapter.
[Code 1980 §2-45; CC 1990 §21-27]
This contract for mutual cooperation shall become effective with respect to each municipality within the County upon the passage of a like ordinance authorizing such contract by such municipality.
[Code 1980 §2-46; CC 1990 §21-28]
This contract insofar as it is applicable to any particular municipality may be terminated at any time by any party hereto thirty (30) days after service upon the Clerk of the other contracting municipalities of a certified copy of an ordinance terminating the contract of such municipality.
[Code 1980 §2-47; CC 1990 §21-29]
The members of the Police force of this municipality shall respond to requests for assistance within the boundary limits of any other contracting municipality, pursuant to the directions and approval of the office of the Chief of Police of the City.
[Code 1980 §2-48; CC 1990 §21-30]
It shall be the duty of the members of the Police force of this community to perform Police services in any municipality that is a party to this contract when requested by such municipality and authorized to do so by the office of the Chief of Police of the City.
[Code 1980 §2-49; CC 1990 §21-31]
All Police Officers performing services in any other municipality in accordance with the terms of this contract shall have all the powers, rights, privileges, duties and immunities as the members of the Police force of the municipalities requesting assistance but shall remain in the employment and under the direction, supervision and control of the proper officers and authorities of their own respective municipalities.
[Code 1980 §2-50; CC 1990 §21-32]
Consideration for this contract shall be the mutual agreements of the parties hereto and no compensation shall be paid by any participating municipality to any other.
[Code 1980 §2-51; CC 1990 §21-33]
Equipment and property utilized in the carrying out of the common Police services provided by this contract shall be at the risk of the municipality owning the same and any loss or damage thereto shall be borne by such owner municipality; however, nothing herein contained shall be construed to limit the liability of any municipality or of its agents, servants or employees arising out of tortious conduct.
[Code 1980 §2-52; CC 1990 §21-34]
Definition. "Emergency situation", as used in this Section, means any situation in which the law enforcement officer has a reasonable belief that a crime is about to be committed, is being committed, or has been committed involving injury or threat of injury to any person, property, or governmental interest and such officer's response is reasonably necessary to prevent or end such emergency situation or mitigate the likelihood of injury involved in such emergency situation.
Authorized. Any officer of the City who has completed the Basic Police Training Program, as promulgated by Chapter 590, RSMo., shall have the authority to respond to an emergency situation as herein defined outside the boundaries of the City.
Cross Reference — Definitions and rules of construction generally, §100.020.
[Code 1980 §2-53; CC 1990 §21-35]
Definition. For the purpose of this Section, the "major case squad" means any formation, operation, organization or cooperative action between any County, Governing Body, any municipal government and the City, the purpose of which is intensive professional investigation of certain individual crimes that may occur in their general geographical area and which is operated and activated on request of a County Sheriff, County Police Superintendent or the Police Chief of a political subdivision wherein a crime has occurred.
Authorized. The officers of the City Police Department are authorized to participate in and cooperate with any Law Enforcement Officers of jurisdictions in any major case squad operation or formation. The officers designated to act as the major case squad operation will be so designated by the Chiefs of Police and when acting outside of the City as a member of the major case squad operation shall be considered to be on active duty the same as if acting within the boundaries of the City.