City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the City Council of the City of Florissant 1-9-2017 by Ord. No. 8290. Amendments noted where applicable.]
ARTICLE I General Provisions

Section 210.010 Definitions.

Section 210.020 Attempt.

Section 210.030 Conspiracy.

Section 210.040 through Section 210.100. (Reserved)

ARTICLE II Offenses Against the Person

Section 210.110 Assault.

Section 210.125 Definitions.

Section 210.127 Arrest for Violation of Order — Penalties — Good Faith Immunity for Law Enforcement Officials.

Section 210.130 Domestic Assault.

Section 210.140 (Reserved)

Section 210.150 Harassment.

Section 210.160 Stalking — Definitions.

Section 210.170 Kidnapping.

Section 210.180 Endangering the Welfare of a Child.

Section 210.190 Leaving a Child Unattended in a Motor Vehicle — Definitions.

Section 210.200 through Section 210.290. (Reserved)

ARTICLE III Offenses Concerning Administration of Justice

Section 210.300 Concealing an Offense.

Section 210.310 Hindering Prosecution.

Section 210.320 Refusal To Identify as a Witness.

Section 210.330 Disturbing a Judicial Proceeding.

Section 210.340 Tampering With a Witness or Victim.

Section 210.350 Tampering With Physical Evidence.

Section 210.360 Improper Communication.

Section 210.370 False Impersonation.

Section 210.380 False Reports.

Section 210.390 Resisting or Interfering With Arrest, Detention or Stop.

Section 210.400 Escape or Attempted Escape From Custody.

Section 210.410 Interference With Legal Process.

Section 210.420 Obstructing Government Operations.

Section 210.425 False Affidavit.

Section 210.430 False Declarations.

Section 210.435 Proof of Falsity of Statements.

Section 210.440 Tampering With A Public Record.

Section 210.445 Simulating Legal Process.

Section 210.450 Refusing To Make an Employee Available for Service of Process.

Section 210.455 Escape or Attempted Escape From Confinement.

Section 210.460 through Section 210.510. (Reserved)

ARTICLE IV Offenses Concerning Public Health and Safety

Section 210.520 Abandonment of Airtight or Semi-Airtight Containers.

Section 210.530 Littering.

Section 210.540 Littering Via Carcasses.

Section 210.550 Tampering With a Water Supply.

Section 210.560 Smoking in City-Owned Buildings Is Prohibited.

Section 210.570 Abandoning Motor Vehicle, Vessel or Trailer.

Section 210.580 Use of Hand-Held Electronic Wireless Communications Devices While Driving Prohibited For Persons Over The Age of 21.

Section 210.590 through Section 210.650. (Reserved)

ARTICLE V Offenses Concerning Public Peace

Section 210.660 Definitions.

Section 210.670 Peace Disturbance.

Section 210.680 Private Peace Disturbance.

Section 210.690 Unlawful Assembly.

Section 210.700 Rioting.

Section 210.710 Refusal To Disperse.

Section 210.720 Obstructing Public Places.

Section 210.730 Disrupting a House of Worship.

Section 210.740 Unlawful Funeral Protests Prohibited — Definitions.

Section 210.750 Noises Prohibited Generally.

Section 210.760 through Section 210.820. (Reserved)

ARTICLE VI Offenses Concerning Weapons and Firearms

Section 210.830 Definitions.

Section 210.840 Weapons — Carrying Concealed — Other Unlawful Use.

Section 210.850 Possession, Manufacture, Transport, Repair, Sale of Certain Weapons.

Section 210.860 Defacing Firearm.

Section 210.870 Purchase in Another State by Missouri Residents, Permitted When.

Section 210.880 Purchase in Missouri by Non-Resident, Permitted When.

Section 210.890 Unlawful Transfer of Weapons.

Section 210.900 Concealed Weapons.

Section 210.910 Open Display of Firearm Permitted, When.

Section 210.920 Discharging Air Gun, Etc.

Section 210.930 Discharging Firearms Within The City.

Section 210.940 Medical Deception — Penalty — Immunity, When.

Section 210.950 through Section 210.1010. (Reserved)

ARTICLE VII Offenses Concerning Property

Section 210.1020 Definitions.

Section 210.1030 Tampering.

Section 210.1040 Property Damage.

Section 210.1050 Claim of Right.

Section 210.1060 Trespass in the First Degree.

Section 210.1070 Trespass in the Second Degree.

Section 210.1080 Trespass of a School Bus.

Section 210.1090 Reckless Burning or Exploding.

Section 210.1100 Negligent Burning or Exploding.

Section 210.1110 Stealing.

Section 210.1120 Theft of Motor Fuel.

Section 210.1130 (Reserved)

Section 210.1140 Financial Exploitation of an Elderly Person or Person With a Disability — Certain Defense Prohibited.

Section 210.1150 Fraudulent Use of a Credit or Debit Device.

Section 210.1160 Deceptive Business Practice.

Section 210.1170 Alteration or Removal of Item Numbers With Intent To Deprive Lawful Owner.

Section 210.1180 Stealing Leased or Rented Personal Property — Enforcement Procedure — Penalty — Venue.

Section 210.1190 Passing Bad Checks.

Section 210.1200 Shoplifting — Detention of Suspect by Merchant — Liability Presumption.

Section 210.1210 Copper Wire or Cable, Catalytic Converters, Collectors and Dealers To Keep Register, Information Required — Penalty — Exempt Transactions.

Section 210.1220 Metal Beer Keg, Prohibition on Purchase or Possession by Scrap Metal Dealer — Violation, Penalty.

Section 210.1230 Metal Belonging to Various Entities — Scrap Yard Not To Purchase — Violation, Penalty.

Section 210.1240 Scrap Metal Dealers — Payments in Excess of $500.00 To Be Made by Check — Exceptions.

Section 210.1250 Throwing Objects At Automobiles or Pedestrians.

Section 210.1260 Blocking or Obstructing Water Flow.

Section 210.1270 Diverting or Altering Water Flow Prohibited.

Section 210.1280 Regulation of Portable Outdoor Storage Containers.

Section 210.1290 Issuing A False Instrument or Certificate.

Section 210.1300 Graffiti.

Section 210.1310 through Section 210.1340. (Reserved)

ARTICLE VIII Offenses Concerning Prostitution

Section 210.1350 Article Definitions.

Section 210.1360 Prostitution.

Section 210.1370 Patronizing Prostitution.

Section 210.1380 (Reserved)

Section 210.1390 Prostitution Houses Deemed Public Nuisances.

Section 210.1400 through Section 210.1490. (Reserved)

ARTICLE IX Sexual Offenses

Section 210.1500 Article Definitions.

Section 210.1510 Sexual Misconduct.

Section 210.1520 Sexual Abuse.

Section 210.1530 Registration of Certain Offenders With Chief of Police — Time Limitation.

Section 210.1540 Residency and Loitering Limitations For Sex Offenders.

Section 210.1550 Halloween, Restrictions on Conduct — Violations.

Section 210.1560 Urinating in Public.

Section 210.1570 through Section 210.1660. (Reserved)

ARTICLE X Offenses Concerning Pornography

Section 210.1670 Definitions.

Section 210.1680 Promoting Pornography for Minors or Obscenity.

Section 210.1690 Furnishing Pornographic Materials to Minors.

Section 210.1700 Public Display of Explicit Sexual Material.

Section 210.1710 through Section 210.1790. (Reserved)

ARTICLE XI Offenses Concerning Drugs

Section 210.1800 Possession of Marijuana or Synthetic Cannabinoid.

Section 210.1810 Possession of a Controlled Substance.

Section 210.1815 Limit on Sale or Dispensing of Certain Drugs — Exceptions — Violations and Penalties.

Section 210.1820 Limitations on the Retail Sale of Methamphetamine Precursor Drugs.

Section 210.1830 Unlawful Possession of Drug Paraphernalia.

Section 210.1840 Inhalation or Inducing Others To Inhale Solvent Fumes to Cause Certain Reactions, Prohibited — Exceptions.

Section 210.1850 Inducing, or Possession With Intent To Induce, Symptoms by Use of Solvents and Other Substances, Prohibited.

Section 210.1860 Possession or Purchase of Solvents To Aid Others in Violations, Prohibited — Violations of Sections 210.1840 to 210.1850 — Penalty.

Section 210.1870 Selling or Transferring Solvents To Cause Certain Symptoms, Penalty — Certain Alcoholic Beverage Sellers Prohibited From Selling, Penalty.

Section 210.1880 Reporting Theft of Ephedrine Products.

Section 210.1890 Salvia Divinorum a/k/a Salvinorin A.

Section 210.1900 through Section 210.1960. (Reserved)

ARTICLE XII Offenses Concerning Minors

Section 210.1970 Article Definitions.

Section 210.1980 Curfew for Persons Under Seventeen.

Section 210.1990 Parental Responsibility.

Section 210.2000 through Section 210.2090. (Reserved)

ARTICLE XIII Offenses Concerning Tobacco, Alternative Nicotine Products or Vapor Products

Section 210.2100 Definitions.

Section 210.2105 No Tobacco Sales to Minors — Alternative Nicotine Products, Vapor Products and Nicotine Liquid Containers — Sale to Minors Prohibited.

Section 210.2110 Unlawful To Sell or Distribute Tobacco Products, Alternative Nicotine Products or Vapor Products to Minors — Vending Machine Requirements.

Section 210.2120 Minors Prohibited From Purchase or Possession of Tobacco Products, Alternative Nicotine Products or Vapor Products — Misrepresentation of Age.

Section 210.2130 Retail Sales Tax License Required for Sale of Tobacco Products, Alternative Nicotine Products or Vapor Products.

Section 210.2140 Required Sign Stating Violation of State Law To Sell Tobacco Products, Alternative Nicotine Products or Vapor Products to Minors Under Age 18 — Display of Sign Required, Where.

Section 210.2150 Restrictions on Sales of Individual Packs of Cigarettes.

Section 210.2160 Proof of Age Required, When Defense to Action for Violation Is Reasonable Reliance on Proof — Liability.

Section 210.2170 Proximity To Certain Institutions — Penalty.

Section 210.2180 through Section 210.2200. (Reserved)

ARTICLE XIV Miscellaneous Offenses

Section 210.2210 Posting, Etc., Notices, Etc., On Trees, Poles, Etc. — Exception.

Section 210.2220 Selling, Etc., Confections From Mobile Vehicles.

Section 210.2230 False Alarms.

Section 210.2240 Manufacture, Alteration or Possession of False Identification Prohibited.

Section 210.2250 Registration For Any Hotel, Motel, Lodging House and Rooming House.

Section 210.2260 Registration Under Fictitious Name in A Hotel, Motel, Lodging House and Rooming House.

Section 210.2270 Security Regulations and Equipment Required For Convenience Businesses and Package Liquor Stores.

Section 210.2280 Delivery Trucks Prohibited Between Certain Hours.

Section 210.2290 Playing Sports or Recreational Activities in Public Right-Of-Way Prohibited.