City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Charter Reference — Power of council to provide for garbage collection and disposal, §3.10(27).
Cross References — Environmental quality commission, §§120.185 et seq.; animals and fowl, ch. 205; buildings and building regulations, ch. 500; flood damage prevention and control, ch. 415; health and sanitation, ch. 225; dumping of garbage, etc., in parks prohibited, §245.175; plumbing, §§505.060 et seq.; sewers and drains, §§535.010 et seq.; littering in public places, §210.475.
Article I In General

Section 220.010 Definitions.

Section 220.015 Solid Waste To Be Collected.

Article II Containers For Garbage and Rubbish — Generally

Section 220.020 Keeping, Handling Generally.

Section 220.030 Containers — Required.

Section 220.040 Containers — Specifications.

Section 220.050 Prima Facie Violation.

Section 220.060 Maintenance of Containers.

Section 220.070 Containers To Be Stored Behind The Front of Building.

Section 220.080 Tampering With, Removing Containers.

Section 220.090 Maintaining Dumps — Filling Ground.

Section 220.100 Burning Garbage, Rubbish, Etc.

Article III Licensing, Collection and Transportation

Section 220.110 Permit Required.

Section 220.120 Application — Approval Required — Liability Insurance On Vehicles.

Section 220.130 Fee — Expiration Date.

Section 220.140 Revocation Upon Failure of Holder To Maintain Vehicles or Containers in Required Condition.

Section 220.150 Exclusive License Agreement Authorized.

Section 220.160 Hours of Pickup in Residential Areas.

Section 220.170 Hours of Pickup in Commercial Areas.

Section 220.180 Permit Required.

Section 220.190 Application For Permit.

Section 220.200 Fee.

Section 220.210 Inspection of Commercial Type Containers.

Section 220.220 Revocation Upon Failure of Holder To Maintain Commercial Type Container in Required Condition.

Section 220.230 Placement of Commercial Type Containers.

Section 220.240 Enforcement.

Section 220.250 Penalty For Violation.

Section 220.260 through Section 220.270. (Reserved)

Article IV Litter

Section 220.280 Spilling, Etc., Materials From Vehicles.

Section 220.290 Throwing, Etc., Articles Into Streets — Sweeping Onto Sidewalks, Etc.