City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note — Ord. no. 7249 §1, originally adopted December 16, 2005, reconsidered on January 9, 2006 and readopted on February 13, 2006, reaffirmed and amended the zoning regulations of the city of Florissant as enacted by the following ordinances: ord. no. 142, 7-8-1940, as amended, and particularly as amended by ord. no. 903, 2-9-1958, and ord. no. 1625, 11-29-1965 and all ordinances in amendment thereto and the map accompanying said ordinance. The new provisions enacted by ord. no. 7249 are set out herein as chapter 405.
405a Height and Area Regulations
Article I Title, Purpose and Legal Clauses

Section 405.010 Enabling Clause — Short Title.

Section 405.015 Purpose.

Section 405.020 Validity and Severability Clause.

Section 405.025 Compliance With Regulations.

Article II Rules and Definitions

Section 405.030 Rules of Construction.

Section 405.035 Definitions.

Article III General Provisions

Section 405.040 Establishment of Districts.

Section 405.045 Changes To Official Zoning District Map.

Section 405.050 Authority of Official Zoning District Map.

Section 405.055 Replacement of The Official Zoning District Map.

Section 405.060 Rules For Interpretation.

Section 405.065 Application of Regulations.

Section 405.070 Scope of Provisions.

Section 405.075 Saving Clause.

Article IV District Regulations

Section 405.080 "A" Recreational District.

Section 405.085 "R-1" Single-Family Dwelling District.

Section 405.090 "R-2" Single-Family Dwelling District.

Section 405.095 "R-3" Single-Family Dwelling District.

Section 405.100 "R-4" Single-Family Dwelling District.

Section 405.105 "R-5" Duplex Dwelling District.

Section 405.110 "R-6" Multiple-Family Dwelling District.

Section 405.115 "B-1" Local Shopping District.

Section 405.120 "B-2" Central Business District.

Section 405.125 "B-3" Extensive Business District.

Section 405.130 "B-4" Highway Commercial District.

Section 405.135 "B-5" Planned Commercial District.

Section 405.140 "M-1" Limited Industrial District.

Section 405.145 "M-2" Industry District.

Section 405.150 "M-3" Planned Industrial District.

Section 405.155 "NU" Non-Urban District.

Section 405.160 "H" Historic District.

Section 405.161 "H" Historic Subdistricts.

Article V "PEU" Planned Environment Unit

Section 405.165 Purpose.

Section 405.170 Density.

Section 405.175 Uses Permitted.

Section 405.180 Procedure For Approval of A "PEU".

Section 405.185 Procedure For Amendment of Conditions or Plans.

Section 405.190 Guarantee of Improvements.

Section 405.195 Failure To Commence Construction.

Section 405.200 Applicability.

Article VI Supplementary District Regulations

Section 405.205 Purpose.

Section 405.210 Height and Area Regulations.

Section 405.215 Height and Area Regulation Exceptions.

Section 405.220 Fence Regulations.

Section 405.225 Parking Regulations.

Section 405.230 Off-Street Loading Regulations.

Section 405.235 Temporary Structures.

Section 405.240 Communication Antennae and Support Structures.

Section 405.245 Landscaping and Screening Regulations.

Section 405.250 Exterior Design Regulations.

Article VII Performance Standards

Section 405.255 General Provisions.

Section 405.260 Vibration.

Section 405.265 Odor.

Section 405.270 Smoke.

Section 405.275 Toxic Gases.

Section 405.280 Emission of Dirt, Dust, Fly Ash and Other Forms of Particulate Matter.

Section 405.285 Radiation.

Section 405.290 Glare and Heat.

Section 405.295 Sound Transmission Loss.

Article VIII Special Use Permits

Section 405.300 Intent and Purpose.

Section 405.305 Authority.

Section 405.310 Procedure.

Article IX Flexible Zoning Procedure

Section 405.315 Residential Designed Development Procedure.

Article X Non-Conforming Uses

Section 405.320 Purpose.

Section 405.325 Continuance.

Section 405.330 Expansions.

Section 405.335 Unsafe Structures.

Section 405.340 Alterations.

Section 405.345 Extensions.

Section 405.350 Prior Construction Approval.

Section 405.355 Restorations.

Section 405.360 Changes.

Section 405.365 Abandonment.

Section 405.370 Displacement.

Section 405.375 Unlawful Use.

Section 405.380 District Changes.

Article XI Board of Adjustment

Section 405.385 Establishment.

Section 405.390 Meetings.

Section 405.395 Appeals.

Section 405.400 Time For Hearings On Appeal.

Section 405.405 Jurisdiction.

Section 405.410 Change of Decisions.

Section 405.415 Necessary Vote For Change.

Section 405.420 Petition To Circuit Court.

Article XII Landmark and Historic District Commission

Section 405.425 Establishment and Qualifications.

Section 405.430 Terms.

Section 405.435 Officers.

Section 405.440 Meetings.

Section 405.445 Powers and Duties.

Section 405.450 Grants.

Section 405.455 Surveys and Research.

Section 405.460 Nomination and Designation Procedures.

Section 405.463 Redesignation of Existing Landmarks and Historic Districts.

Article XIII Administration

Section 405.465 Construction and Occupancy Permits.

Section 405.470 Plan Review Requirements.

Section 405.475 Changes and Amendments.

Section 405.480 Enforcement.

Section 405.485 Effective Date.