City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Electrical code adopted, §505.040; explosives code, §§505.080 et seq.; plumbing code, §505.060.
Article I Building Code Adoption

Section 505.010 Adopted.

Section 505.020 Jurisdictional Titles.

Section 505.030 Amendments to the International Building Code 2009 and the International Residential Code 2009.

Section 505.035 Penalty.

Article II Electricity

Section 505.040 National Electrical Code Adopted.

Section 505.045 Penalty.

Section 505.050 Administration.

Article III Plumbing and Other Codes

Section 505.060 International Plumbing Code Adopted.

Section 505.065 Other Codes Adopted.

Section 505.070 Penalty.

Article IV Explosives Code

Section 505.080 Adopted.

Section 505.090 Penalty.

Article V Land Disturbance Code

Section 505.100 Title.

Section 505.101 Introduction.

Section 505.102 Purpose.

Section 505.103 Scope.

Section 505.104 Definitions.

Section 505.105 Applicability.

Section 505.106 Enforcement.

Section 505.107 Rule Making Authority.

Section 505.108 Violations.

Section 505.109 Appeals.

Section 505.110 Land Disturbance Permits Required.

Section 505.111 Land Disturbance Permit Applications.

Section 505.112 Fees.

Section 505.113 Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP).

Section 505.114 General.

Section 505.115 Inspections.

Section 505.116 Implementation — Effective Date of Code Provisions.

Article VI Stream Buffer Ordinance

Section 505.117 Title.

Section 505.118 Introduction.

Section 505.119 Purpose.

Section 505.120 Definitions.

Section 505.121 Applicability.

Section 505.122 Land Development Requirements.

Section 505.123 Compatibility With Other Regulations and Requirements.

Section 505.124 Additional Information Requirements For Development On Buffer Zone Properties.

Section 505.125 Responsibility.

Section 505.126 Inspection.

Section 505.127 Violations, Enforcement and Penalties.

Section 505.128 Administrative Appeal and Judicial Review.