Village of Hobart, WI
Brown County
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[Adopted as §§ 1.005, 1.006 and 1.12 of the 2000 Code]
Standard penalty. Unless another penalty is expressly provided by the Code for any particular provision, section or chapter, any person violating any provision of this Code or any rule or regulation adopted or issued in pursuance thereof, or any provision of any code adopted here by reference shall, upon conviction, be subject to a forfeiture of not less than $20 nor more than $10,000 and the cost of prosecution. In default of immediate payment of such forfeiture and costs, such person shall be committed to the Brown County Jail until such forfeiture and costs are paid. Every commitment shall limit the duration of such imprisonment to a definite term not exceeding 90 days.
Each day a violation. Each act of violation, and every day upon which a violation occurs or continues, constitutes a separate offense.
Applicability. The penalty provided by this section and/or any section of this Code applies to the amendment of any section of this Code and any code adopted herein by reference to which the penalty relates whether or not such penalty is reenacted in the amendatory ordinances, unless otherwise provided in the amendment.
Reference to sections. Reference to any section of this Code shall be understood also to refer to and include the penalty section relating thereto, unless otherwise expressly provided.
Failure of officers to perform duties. The failure of any officer or employee of the Village to perform any official duty imposed by this Code shall not subject such officer or employee to the penalty imposed for violation of this Code, unless a penalty is specifically provided.
Bond schedule, non-traffic violations. The Bond Schedule for non-traffic violations shall be as set forth in Chapter 14, Citations.
Court authority to impose alternative juvenile dispositions and sanctions.
For a juvenile adjudged to have violated an ordinance, a court is authorized to impose any of the dispositions listed in §§ 938.343 and 938.344, Wis. Stats., in accordance with the provisions of those statutes.
For a juvenile adjudged to have violated an ordinance who violates a condition of a dispositional order of the court under § 938.343 or 938.344, Wis. Stats., the municipal court is authorized to impose any of the sanctions listed in § 938.355(6)(d), Wis. Stats., in accordance with the provisions of those statutes.
This section is enacted under the authority of § 938.17(2)(cm), Wis. Stats.
Every person concerned in the commission of any act prohibited by this Code, whether he directly commits the act, or in any way directs, encourages, advises, aids, or abets its commission, may be prosecuted and on conviction thereof is subject to punishment the same as if he had directly committed such act.