City of Louisiana, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 110.010 Election.

Section 110.020 Qualifications.

Section 110.030 Vacancies.

Section 110.040 President Pro Tempore and Acting President Pro Tempore.

Section 110.050 Time of Regular and Adjourned Meetings.

Section 110.060 Special Meetings.

Section 110.070 Journal of Proceedings — Rules of Order.

Section 110.080 Robert's Rules To Govern — Exceptions.

Section 110.090 Publication of Semi-Annual Statements.

Section 110.100 Compelling Attendance of Witnesses and Production of Papers.

Section 110.110 Standing Committees.

Article II Mayor

Section 110.120 Election and Term of Office.

Section 110.130 Qualifications.

Section 110.140 Salary.

Section 110.150 Vacancy in Office.

Section 110.160 President of Council — Right To Vote — Duties Generally.

Section 110.170 Recommendations To City Council.

Section 110.180 Enforcement of Ordinances.

Section 110.190 (Reserved)

Section 110.200 Accounts of Officers — Reports To Council.

Section 110.210 Annual Financial Report and Budget Estimates.

Section 110.220 Mayor To Sign All Commissions and Appointments — Bond Approval By Mayor.

Article III Ordinances

Section 110.230 Style.

Section 110.240 through Section 110.250. (Reserved)

Section 110.260 Enactment.

Section 110.270 Signatures.

Section 110.280 Proceedings in Case of Mayor's Veto.

Section 110.290 Effective Date.

Section 110.300 Filing and Recordation — Publication.

Section 110.310 Repealed, Amended Ordinances Continued Until Effective Date of New Ordinance.

Article IV (Reserved)

Section 110.320 through Section 110.410. (Reserved)

Article V Human Relations Commission

Section 110.420 Human Relations Commission Created — Composition, Term of Members — Organization.

Section 110.430 Powers and Duties of The Commission.

Article VI Youth Council

Section 110.440 Scope and Purpose.

Section 110.450 Membership Composition.

Section 110.460 Appointments to Membership.

Section 110.470 Powers.

Article VII Economic Development Committee

Section 110.480 Scope and Purpose.

Section 110.490 Membership Composition.

Section 110.500 Appointments to Membership.

Section 110.510 Powers.

Article VIII Enterprise Committee

Section 110.520 Scope and Purpose.

Section 110.530 Membership Composition.

Section 110.540 Appointments to Membership.

Section 110.550 Powers.

Article IX Public Safety Committee

Section 110.560 Scope and Purpose.

Section 110.570 Membership Composition.

Section 110.580 Appointments to Membership.

Section 110.590 Powers.

Article X Infrastructure Committee

Section 110.600 Scope and Purpose.

Section 110.610 Membership Composition.

Section 110.620 Appointment to Membership.

Section 110.630 Powers.