City of Louisiana, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — As to the city administrator's duties as concerns the budget, §115.250(C).
Article I Finances

Section 130.010 Fiscal Year.

Section 130.020 (Reserved)

Section 130.030 Appropriation Ordinance.

Section 130.040 Tax Levy Ordinance.

Section 130.050 Payment of Debts.

Section 130.060 General Revenue Fund.

Section 130.070 Warrants — Generally.

Section 130.080 Warrants — Assignability.

Section 130.090 Warrants — Certain Warrants Drawn Upon General Revenue Fund.

Article II Taxation

Section 130.100 Duty To Extend Taxes, Etc.

Section 130.110 Delivery of Tax Book To City Treasurer.

Section 130.120 Manner of Making Assessments — Basis For Levy — Enforcement Generally.

Section 130.130 Correction of Books.

Section 130.140 Disposition of Books — Approval or Correction.

Section 130.150 Delinquent Taxes — Date — Lien — Duties of City Clerk.

Section 130.160 Collector To Make Delinquent Lists — Council To Approve — Collection of Delinquent Taxes.

Section 130.170 Delinquent Taxes — Monthly Report To Council — Responsibilities of City Treasurer and Successor — Uncollectible Taxes.

Section 130.180 Delinquent Taxes — Method of Collection — Compensation.

Section 130.190 Delinquent Taxes — Alternative Method of Collecting Taxes.

Section 130.200 Penalty Against Delinquent Lands.

Section 130.210 No Contracts With Persons Failing To Pay City Taxes.

Section 130.220 Permits, Licenses and Non-Payment of City Taxes.

Article III City Sales Tax

Section 130.230 City Sales Tax.

Section 130.240 Additional Sales Tax.

Section 130.241 Transportation Sales Tax.

Section 130.242 Stormwater Control Sales Tax.

Section 130.250 Use Tax.

Article IV Enhanced Enterprise Zone

Section 130.260 Enhanced Enterprise Zone.

Article V Identity Theft Prevention Program

Section 130.270 Program Purpose and Definitions.

Section 130.280 Findings.

Section 130.290 Access To Covered Account Information.

Section 130.300 Identification of Red Flags.

Section 130.310 Detecting Red Flags.

Section 130.320 Preventing and Mitigating Identity Theft.

Section 130.330 Program Updates.

Section 130.340 Program Administration.

Article VI Purchasing

Section 130.350 Professional Services.