City of Louisiana, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Building codes, ch. 500; civil defense, ch. 230; docks and wharves, ch. 240; electrical code, §§500.260 et seq.; fire prevention and protection, ch. 205; garbage, trash and refuse, ch. 235; motor vehicles and traffic, Title III; parks, ch. 245; planning, ch. 400; plumbing code, §§500.210 et seq.; streets and sidewalks, ch. 510; water, ch. 705; sewers and sewage disposal, ch. 710; subdivision regulations, ch. 410; zoning regulations, ch. 405.
Article I Statutory Authorization, Findings of Fact and Purposes

Section 420.010 Statutory Authorization.

Section 420.020 Findings of Fact.

Section 420.030 Statement of Purpose.

Article II General Provisions

Section 420.040 Lands To Which Chapter Applies.

Section 420.050 Floodplain Administrator.

Section 420.060 Compliance.

Section 420.070 Abrogation and Greater Restrictions.

Section 420.080 Interpretation.

Section 420.090 Warning and Disclaimer of Liability.

Section 420.100 Severability.

Article III Administration

Section 420.110 Floodplain Development Permit (Required).

Section 420.120 Designation of Floodplain Administrator.

Section 420.130 Duties and Responsibilities of Floodplain Administrator.

Section 420.140 Application For Floodplain Development Permit.

Article IV Provisions For Flood Hazard Reduction

Section 420.150 General Standards.

Section 420.160 Specific Standards.

Section 420.170 Manufactured Homes.

Section 420.180 Floodway.

Section 420.190 Recreational Vehicles.

Article V Floodplain Management Variance Procedures

Section 420.200 Establishment of Appeal Board.

Section 420.210 Responsibility of Appeal Board.

Section 420.220 Further Appeals.

Section 420.230 Floodplain Management Variance Criteria.

Section 420.240 Conditions For Approving Floodplain Management Variances.

Section 420.250 Conditions For Approving Variances For Accessory Structures.

Article VI Penalties For Violation

Section 420.260 Penalties For Violation.

Article VII Amendments

Section 420.270 Amendments.

Article VIII Definitions

Section 420.280 Definitions.