City of Louisiana, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Civil defense, ch. 230; floodplain management, ch. 420; motor vehicles and traffic, Title III; planning, ch. 400; vehicles for hire, ch. 620; subdivision regulations, ch. 410; zoning regulations, ch. 405.
Article I In General

Section 510.010 Obstructions — Generally.

Section 510.020 Obstructions — Hanging Merchandise Over Sidewalks.

Section 510.030 Moving of Buildings.

Section 510.040 Permit For Placing Wire or Rope Across Streets, Carrying On Business or Weighing On Scales.

Section 510.050 Cellar Door or Vault Grating Left Open — Condition.

Section 510.060 Cleanliness of Sidewalks — Snow Removal.

Section 510.070 Trimming Trees, Brush or Hedges From Power Lines or Telephone or Telegraph Wires.

Article II Street Commissioner

Section 510.080 Powers and Duties Exercised By City Administrator.

Section 510.090 Duties Generally.

Section 510.100 Responsibility For City Property.

Article III Excavations

Section 510.110 Definitions.

Section 510.120 Placement of Materials — Width — Drainage.

Section 510.130 Barricades, Signs, Lights and Warning Signals.

Section 510.140 Removal of Materials — Cleanliness of Site.

Section 510.150 Obstructing Public Use — Driveways — Detours.

Section 510.160 Backfill Materials — Streets, Walks or Driveways.

Section 510.170 Backfill Materials — Parkways and Grass Areas.

Section 510.180 Restoration Generally — Performance Guaranty — Inspections.

Section 510.190 Fees For Repaving By City.

Section 510.200 Time Period For Warranty of Restoration — Violation.

Section 510.210 Opening New or Resurfaced Streets — Penalty For Restoration Costs.

Section 510.220 Permit Required — Exceptions — Transferability.

Section 510.230 Permit Application.

Section 510.240 Permit Fee — Deposit.

Section 510.250 Permit — Liability Insurance or Bond.

Section 510.260 Permit Fees — Monthly Billing For Fees and Costs.

Section 510.270 Emergency Work.

Article IV Sidewalk Construction and Repair

Section 510.280 Permission To Construct — Supervision.

Section 510.290 Repair By Property Owner — Repair By City.

Section 510.300 Obtaining Abstract or Certificate of Title To Determine Property Owner.

Section 510.310 Costs of Construction, Repair or Other Improvements — Lien On Abutting Property.

Section 510.320 Costs of Construction, Repair or Other Improvements — Collection of Costs.

Section 510.330 Costs of Construction, Repair or Other Improvements — Rate of Interest — Redemption Period.