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City of Louisiana, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[R.O. 2008 §510.290; Code 1968 §24-32; CC 1988 §26-126]
A sidewalk shall not be constructed or put down upon any street or alley of the City unless the sidewalk is ordered by or permission is granted by the City. Sidewalks shall be constructed only under the supervision of the Street Commissioner.
[R.O. 2008 §510.300; Code 1968 §24-33; CC 1988 §26-127]
Whenever any repairs on any sidewalk shall be necessary, the Street Commissioner shall notify the owner or occupant of the property to repair the sidewalk within such time as the Commissioner may deem reasonable, and if such repairs are not done in the time required in the notice, the Street Commissioner shall immediately thereafter proceed to repair the sidewalk and report the costs of repair to the Mayor or City Attorney for collection. If the property is held by a non-resident or minor heir, the Street Commissioner shall not be required to give such notice but shall proceed to repair the sidewalk without delay and report the expenses of the repair as required in this Section.
[R.O. 2008 §510.310; Code 1968 §24-37; CC 1988 §26-128]
Whenever any sidewalk is ordered constructed in the City and the abutting property owner shall fail for a period of fifteen (15) days, to construct the sidewalk so ordered by the City Council, the Street and Alley Committee of the City Council may procure from a competent abstractor, at a reasonable cost, an abstract or a certificate of title showing the true record owner of such abutting property, and the expenses of obtaining such certificate shall be added to the bill paid by the City for the construction of the sidewalk in front of such owner's property, such expense to be collected as other costs and expenses.
Even though the property owner shall build or construct the sidewalk ordered by the City Council, after the certificate of title referred to in this Section is obtained it shall be lawful for the City to collect from the owner of such property the costs and expenses of obtaining such certificate of title.
[R.O. 2008 §510.320; Code 1968 §24-34; CC 1988 §26-129]
All charges and claims for constructing or repairing any sidewalk or for any other improvements on the streets or sidewalks, chargeable to the owner of the property fronting on the street or sidewalk, shall be a charge or lien on the property until the charges and claims are paid.
[R.O. 2008 §510.330; Code 1968 §24-35; CC 1988 §26-130]
Whenever any property owner shall fail to pay or cause to be paid the amount of any such improvements or repairs referred to in Section 510.310, the account for such improvements or repairs shall be placed in the hands of the City Treasurer who shall charge the costs on his/her delinquent tax list, and if the costs are not previously paid, the City Treasurer shall proceed to advertise the costs and to sell the property chargeable therewith in the same manner and with like effect in all respects as provided for by Chapter 130, Article II, for lots or land sold for ordinary taxes.
[R.O. 2008 §510.340; Code 1968 §24-36; CC 1988 §26-131]
The same rate of interest for the costs of sidewalk construction, repair or improvement shall be charged and the same manner and time of redemption shall be allowed for lots and lands sold for charges for improvements as provided in Section 510.320 as are allowed in cases of lots or land sold for ordinary taxes and deeds shall be made for the lots and lands in the same manner.