City of Louisiana, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 710.010 Definitions.

Section 710.020 Sewer Responsibility.

Section 710.030 Responsibility of Sewer Service Customers.

Section 710.040 Unlawful Deposits On Public or Private Property.

Section 710.050 Hazardous Discharges.

Section 710.060 Buildings — Mandatory Hookup.

Section 710.070 Connection To Sewer Prerequisite For Water Service To Mobile Homes, Etc.

Section 710.080 Stormwater Runoff, Not in Sanitary Sewers.

Section 710.090 Extension of Sewer Service.

Section 710.100 Charge Beyond City Limits.

Section 710.110 Vandalism.

Article II Administration and Enforcement

Section 710.120 Hearing Board.

Section 710.130 Right To Inspect Discharges.

Section 710.140 Safety Rules, Damage and Injury Claims.

Section 710.150 Entry On Easements.

Section 710.160 Violations.

Article III Private Sewage Disposal Facilities

Section 710.170 Prohibited Generally — Exception.

Section 710.180 Permitted Where Public Sewers Not Available.

Section 710.190 Construction Permit Required.

Section 710.200 Inspections.

Section 710.210 Conformity With State and City Standards.

Section 710.220 Abandonment Required When Public Sewer Becomes Available.

Section 710.230 To Be Operated At No Cost To City — Subject To Inspection.

Article IV Building Sewers and Connections

Section 710.240 Connection Permits — Required — Bond.

Section 710.250 Construction Permits — Types — Inspection Fees.

Section 710.260 Installation Costs Borne By Owner.

Section 710.270 Separate Building Sewer Required For Each Building — Exception.

Section 710.280 Use of Old Building Sewers Acceptable — When.

Section 710.290 Acceptable Construction Materials.

Section 710.300 Size and Slope.

Section 710.310 Excavation and Backfill.

Section 710.320 Wye Branch Connections, Exceptions.

Section 710.330 Connections, Under Direction of City Administrator.

Section 710.340 Excavation Safeguards — Restoration.

Section 710.350 Maintenance, Etc., of Sewer Lines From Building To Public Sewer.

Article V Use of Public Sewer

Section 710.360 Unlawful Discharges.

Section 710.370 Unlawful Open Connections.

Section 710.380 Storm Sewers, Acceptable Discharges.

Section 710.390 Unlawful Deposits Into Sewers, Dams.

Section 710.400 Prohibited Discharges To Public Sewers.

Section 710.410 Substances, Waters and Wastes City Administrator May Prohibit.

Section 710.420 Restricted Discharges.

Article VI Industrial Wastes

Section 710.430 Pretreatment.

Section 710.440 Interceptor Sewers, Approved By City Administrator.

Section 710.450 Discharge Chamber.

Section 710.460 Inspection Chambers.

Section 710.470 Sampling of Wastes, Standards.

Section 710.480 Sampling Equipment, City Inspection Rights.