City of Edmundson, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
It shall be the duty of all the officers of the City to report annually to the Board of Aldermen, such reports to embrace a full statement of the receipts and expenditures of their respective offices and such other matters as may be required by the Board of Aldermen by ordinance, resolution or otherwise.
The Mayor or Board of Aldermen shall have power, as often as he/she or they may deem it necessary, to require any officer of the City to exhibit his/her accounts or other papers or records and to make report to the Board of Aldermen, in writing, touching any matter relating to his/her office.
[CC 2001 §115.160; Ord. No. 825 §§1 — 3, 11-14-1985]
All elected and appointed officials and public employees of the City of Edmundson shall hereinafter be fully indemnified and held harmless by the City of Edmundson from any and all costs, attorney's fees, claims, causes of action, judgments or damages, either actual or punitive, which may be assessed against said City of Edmundson officials or public employees as a result of any action or omission of those public officials or employees in the course or conduct of their public office or employment.
Nothing in this Section shall be construed as an express or an implied waiver of the sovereign immunity of the City of Edmundson as provided for by the Statutes of the State of Missouri. Nothing in this Section shall be construed to assume any responsibility for the City of Edmundson to pay any judgment, claim, etc., which is covered under any insurance contract between an insurance company and the City of Edmundson.
The indemnity expressed in this Section shall not extend to any person who shall commit an act constituting a misdemeanor or felony as defined by the laws of the State of Missouri or the United States.
[CC 2001 §115.170; Ord. No. 1020 §§1 — 5, 8-11-1994]
Pursuant to the authority granted political subdivisions in the State of Missouri by virtue of Section 105.272, RSMo., the following shall be the policy of the City of Edmundson regarding expenses incurred by employees. For purposes of this Section, the term "employee" shall include those persons employed by the City and all elected and appointed officials. The term "expenses", as used in this Section, shall refer only to expenses actually and necessarily incurred by an employee in the performance of the official business of the City.
In order to obtain permission for training or to attend a conference, the employee must first submit in writing a permission request. The cost of training or conference expenses, and any days off needed to attend, must be approved by the City Administrator. The City Administrator will give written notice in return for approval or disapproval. The Board of Aldermen will be contacted by the City Administrator and advised of any and all training for the City employee.
There is hereby created a voucher system whereby all employees of the City shall submit a voucher of their expenses which has been certified by the employee as being true and correct. The Board of Aldermen shall designate one (1) employee of the governmental entity to whom the vouchers of expenses of all the employees of the governmental entity shall be submitted. The designated employee shall be responsible for reviewing such vouchers of expenses and for insuring reimbursement of only those expenses of employees properly incurred. If the designated employee is the person who is seeking the expense reimbursement, then, in that event, the Board of Aldermen shall be responsible for reviewing such vouchers of expenses.
The City may authorize cash advances in particular instances when the projected expense to be incurred by particular employees would pose a financial burden on such employee. If such an advance is authorized, then the voucher for the expense actually and necessarily incurred and the balance to the advance remaining after the expenditure shall be submitted to the designated employee provided in Subsection (C) within ten (10) days after such expenses are actually incurred.
Police Department training shall not be affected by this Section, and Police Department training shall be continued to be approved by the Chief of Police under the governing State Statute for police training.
[Ord. No. 1235 §1, 9-9-2004]
Smoking tobacco products in any form is prohibited at all times in all buildings and vehicles owned or operated by the City.