City of Edmundson, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Rules

Section 605.010 Payment of All Delinquent Taxes and Fees Prerequisite To License or Permit.

Section 605.020 Exceptions.

Section 605.025 License Application and Issuance.

Section 605.030 No Modification of Other Provisions or Ordinances.

Section 605.040 Term of Licenses.

Section 605.050 License Fee Due When — Proration.

Section 605.060 Licenses To Be Posted.

Section 605.070 Licenses Restricted To A Specific Location Not Transferable.

Section 605.080 Charitable and Not-For-Profit Organization Exemption.

Section 605.090 License Forms.

Section 605.100 Persons Not To Be Charged For Business License.

Article II Manufacturer's License Tax

Section 605.110 Manufacturer Defined.

Section 605.120 License Required.

Section 605.130 Fees Prescribed.

Section 605.140 Contents of License.

Article III Merchant's License Tax

Section 605.150 Definition.

Section 605.160 License.

Section 605.170 Merchants To File Statements.

Section 605.180 Amount of Tax.

Section 605.190 Merchants To Keep Accounts.

Section 605.200 Dramshops Prohibited.

Section 605.210 Penalty For False Affidavits.

Article IV Business and Miscellaneous License Tax

Section 605.220 Business Licenses.

Section 605.230 License Fees.

Section 605.240 Business License and Fee For Banquet and Reception Facilities.

Section 605.250 Business License and Fee For A Telecommunication Tower, A Telecommunications Antenna and Similar Facilities.

Section 605.260 Business Tax On Outdoor Advertising Structures (Billboards).

Section 605.270 Compliance With Article Provisions Required.

Section 605.280 Period of License.

Section 605.290 Businesses To Keep Accounts.

Article V Additional Provisions

Section 605.300 Excepted Businesses and Occupations.

Section 605.310 Revocation of License — Grounds.

Section 605.320 Revocation of License — Procedure.

Article VI Miscellaneous Provisions

Section 605.330 Registration of Guests Regulated — How.

Article VII Penalty

Section 605.340 Violation and Penalty — Delinquency.