City of New Haven, MO
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Section 510.010 Service Connections To Existing Utility Lines — Permit and Bond Required — Specifications.

Article II Administration — Public Works Director

Section 510.020 Authority and Duties Generally.

Article III Streets, Curbs, Gutters and Sidewalks

Section 510.030 Necessity To Construct Curb and Gutter.

Section 510.040 Statement of Policy.

Section 510.050 Supervision.

Section 510.060 Districts Established.

Section 510.070 Shade Trees and Awning Posts.

Section 510.080 Inspection.

Section 510.090 Defects.

Section 510.100 Obstructions, Encroachments and Openings.

Section 510.110 Dimensions of Streets and Sidewalks.

Section 510.120 Injury To New Pavements.

Article IV Construction and Repair of Sidewalks, Curbs and Gutters

Section 510.130 Specifications.

Section 510.140 Permits Required Before Construction.

Section 510.150 Inspection Required After Completion.

Section 510.160 Barricades Required During Construction.

Section 510.170 Removal of Rubbish.

Article V Construction Costs and Owners' Responsibilities

Section 510.180 Property Owner's Responsibility.

Section 510.185 Exceptions to Property Owner responsibilities or payment.

Section 510.190 Procedure.

Section 510.200 Procedure in Condemnation.

Section 510.210 Protest.

Section 510.220 Condemnation of Sidewalks, Curbs or Gutters.

Section 510.230 Reconstruction of Condemned Walks.

Section 510.240 Order To Construct.

Section 510.250 Notice To Property Owner.

Section 510.260 Penalty For Non-Compliance With Order.

Section 510.270 Contracts For Construction of Sidewalk.

Section 510.280 Advertisement For Bids.

Section 510.290 Contract Let or City May Do Work.

Section 510.300 Special Assessment — Procedure.

Section 510.310 Special Tax Bill A Lien On Property.

Section 510.320 Contractor Paid in Special Tax Bills.

Section 510.330 Special Tax Assessment Notes — Procedure.

Section 510.340 Penalties.