City of New Haven, MO
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Installation Rules and Regulations

Section 710.010 Standard Code Applicable.

Section 710.020 Standard For Low Pressure Piping and Tubing.

Section 710.030 Piping System Designs.

Section 710.040 Regulator Requirements.

Section 710.050 Appliance Regulator Requirements.

Section 710.060 Pipes With High Pressure.

Section 710.070 Various Rules and Regulations.

Section 710.080 Sale or Installation of Non-Complying Pipe Prohibited.

Section 710.090 Violation — Penalty.

Section 710.100 Inspection and Connection.

Section 710.110 Licenses.

Article II Service Rules and Regulations

Section 710.120 Application For Service.

Section 710.130 Inspection.

Section 710.140 Deposits.

Section 710.150 Rates.

Section 710.160 Change in Requirements.

Section 710.170 Resale By Customer.

Section 710.180 Customer's Responsibility.

Section 710.190 Safety.

Section 710.200 Meter and Service Line Locations.

Section 710.210 Measurement.

Section 710.220 Testing of New Gas Installations in New or Remodeled Structures.

Section 710.222 Rebate Program For Gas Service Connections.

Section 710.225 Rebate Program.

Section 710.227 Rebate Program For Farm Tap Gas Service Connections.

Article III Rates, Charges and Billing

Section 710.230 Monthly Rate.

Section 710.240 Reading of Meter — Billing — Due Date — Penalty.

Section 710.250 Termination of Service — Reconnection Charge.

Section 710.260 Billing Surcharge.

Section 710.270 Liability For Gas Service.

Section 710.280 Meter Requirement.

Section 710.290 Tampering — Penalty.