City of New Haven, MO
Franklin County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[Ord. No. 520 §§ 2—3, 12-8-1986; Ord. No. 571 § 1, 6-11-1990; Ord. No. 572 § 1, 7-9-1990; Ord. No. 621 §§ 1—2, 7-12-1993; Ord. No. 647 § 1, 10-9-1995; Ord. No. 663 § 1, 10-14-1996; Ord. No. 705 §§ 1—2, 2-8-1999; Ord. No. 755 §§ 1—2, 1-8-2001; Ord. No. 756 § 1, 2-12-2001; Ord. No. 817 § 1, 2-8-2005; Ord. No. 828 §§ 1—2, 6-14-2005; Ord. No. 844 § 1, 12-13-2005; Ord. No. 854 § 1, 3-14-2006; Ord. No. 872 § 1, 11-14-2006; Ord. No. 893 § 1, 2-12-2007; Ord. No. 905A § 1, 10-8-2007; Ord. No. 908 § 1, 11-12-2007]
As authorized by and in accordance with Sections 335.020 and 335.030 of this Title, when signs are erected giving notice thereof, drivers of vehicles shall stop at every intersection or other location, designated herein, before proceeding.
Street/Direction of Traffic
Adams Court, westbound at Douglas Street (756)
Arizona at Kenneth
Arizona at Douglas (470)
Arizona Street approaching Maupin from west (239)
Bates Street approaching Maupin from east and west (239)
Bates Street approaching Miller Street from east (239)
Ben Court approaching Heritage Valley Drive from the west (908)
Catawba at Olive Street
Center Street, eastbound at Hickory
Center Street, prior to entering intersection on Roberta Avenue (621)
Circle Drive at Highway 100
Circle Drive at Maupin
Colters Court approaching Olive Street from the south (817)
Cottonwood Street, prior to entering Front Street (572)
Cresthaven Place prior to entering the intersection of Sunset Lane, all east bound vehicles come to a full and complete stop on Cresthaven Place
[Ord. No. 1261, 1-14-2019]
Danny Scott, eastbound at Highway C (755)
Danny Scott, westbound at Hellmann Drive (755)
Douglas at Highway 100
Douglas Street approaching McNair Street from the south (844)
Douglas Street approaching Melrose from the north and south (241)
Dwayne VonBehren Drive approaching Highway 100 from the south (905A)
East Industrial Drive, southbound at Missouri State Highway 100 (520)
Elton eastbound at Miller (312)
Elton prior to intersection with Circle Drive (412)
Emmons, eastbound prior to entering Maupin (438)
Emmons, westbound at Douglas
Filmore Court, east to Douglas Street at the intersection of Filmore Court and Douglas Street (854)
Franklin Drive approaching Highway 100 from the north (905A)
Front Street, from alley onto Front Street (161)
Haven Manor Drive, northbound prior to entering Arizona (438)
Heritage Valley Drive, approaching Sunset Lane from the east (908)
Hickory at Highway 100
Hickory at Elton
Immanuel Way approaching Highway 100 from the south (905A)
Industrial Drive, northbound at the intersection of Hellmann Drive
[Ord. No. 1136 § 1, 11-9-2015]
Industrial Drive, northbound at Missouri State Highway 100
Industrial Drive, southbound at the intersection of Boeuf Lutheran Road
[Ord. No. 1136 § 1, 11-9-2015]
Locust Street at Maupin
Locust Street approaching Morgan Street from west (239)
Locust approaching Olive Street from east and west (239)
MacArthur Street approaching Douglas Street from the west (828)
Maiden Lane and Maupin (156)
Maiden Lane and Miller (157)
Mary Hammack, approaching Maupin from west (239)
Maupin Street at Highway 100
McArthur prior to entering Short (401)
McArthur prior to entering West Center (Douglas) (401)
McNair Street going west to Sunset Lane at intersection of McNair Street and Sunset Lane (872)
Melrose Street at Maupin
Melrose Street prior to entering Sunset Lane (663), all east bound and west bound vehicles come to a full and complete stop on Melrose Street.
[Ord. No. 1261, 1-14-2019]
Miller Street at Highway 100
Morgan approaching Locust Street from north and south (239)
Morgan Street approaching Olive Street from west (241)
Morgan prior to entering Thurman (401)
Nolan Street at Olive Street
North (Locust) approaching Olive from east (239)
Olive Street prior to entering Front (401)
Park Lane, corner of Park Lane 40 feet south of the southeast corner of Tract 14 (647)
Raintree Street approaching Douglas Street from the west (817)
Revere Lane going east to Catawaba at intersection of Revere Lane and Catawaba (872)
Revere Lane going west to Sunset Lane at intersection of Revere Lane and Sunset Lane (872)
Ridgeway Drive prior to entering intersection of Ridgeway Apartments and Haven Manor Drive (471)
Roberta Avenue at Highway 100
Roberta Avenue, northbound at Elton Avenue (621)
Roberta Lane, prior to entering Elton Avenue (571)
Sawyer Terrace going south to Sunset Lane at intersection of Sawyer Terrace and Sunset Lane (872)
Seitter Drive going west at intersection of Seitter Drive and Immanuel Way (893)
Selma Street approaching Olive Street from west (241)
Shamrock Drive at Highway 100
Sunset at Highway 100
Short Street approaching Mary Hammock from south (239)
Short Street at Melrose Street
Thurman Street approaching Olive Street from west (241)
Vine at Morgan
Wall Street at Miller
Washington Street, northbound at Wall Street (705)
Washington Street, southbound at Bates Street (705)