City of Mission, KS
Johnson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Unsafe Structures

Section 510.010 Definitions.

Section 510.020 Enforcement By City Inspector.

Section 510.030 Dangerous, Hazardous Structures Unlawful.

Section 510.040 Finding of Violation — Notice.

Section 510.050 Hearing.

Section 510.060 Posting of Notice.

Section 510.070 Vacation of Premises.

Section 510.080 Reuse Following Approval.

Section 510.090 Notice Removal Unlawful.

Section 510.100 Removal of Unsafe Structures — Salvage, Sale — Assessment and Collection of Costs — Procedure.

Section 510.110 Immediate Hazard.

Section 510.120 Removal of Structure.

Article II Minimum Structures

Section 510.130 General Provisions.

Section 510.140 Definitions.

Section 510.150 Code Enforcement Officer.

Section 510.160 Petitions.

Section 510.170 Defects and Conditions.

Section 510.180 Complaints.

Section 510.190 Appeal.

Section 510.200 Powers.

Section 510.210 Requirements of Owner.

Section 510.220 Notice.

Section 510.230 Conflict.

Section 510.240 Unlawful Defects and Conditions.

Section 510.250 Penalties.

Article III Insurance Proceeds Fund

Section 510.260 Scope and Application.

Section 510.270 Lien Created.

Section 510.280 Lien — Encumbrances.

Section 510.290 Lien — Pro Rata Basis.

Section 510.300 Procedure.

Section 510.310 Fund Created — Deposit of Monies.

Section 510.320 Building Inspector — Investigation, Removal of Structure.

Section 510.330 Removal of Structure — Excess Monies.

Section 510.340 Removal of Structure — Disposition of Funds.

Section 510.350 Effect Upon Insurance Policies.

Section 510.360 Insurers — Liability.